Your main problem when traveling is money? Are you one of those who suffer from having to pay more for a bed to sleep that you've spent the day? Are you open to new experiences and want to mix with locals who visits? If the answers have been “yes”, you should try the CouchSurfing the free hosting, one of the latest developments when traveling.

To do CouchSurfing You must register in one of the many web pages andcouchsurfingT here are currently used for contacting people around the world who seek and / or provide their houses other travelers. Thus, once you know where you want to go, just have to find someone to live there on the web and get in touch with him or her. It is advisable to plan enough time to get some confidence with your host (not surprisingly, nobody wants to get into your home to someone who knows nothing of). Once there, try to be as nice as possible, take him some of your country, invite them to your house for future trips, etc., because in some sites host guests must score, so if you dislike having you at home and you get a bad score, hardly you will find others that wish to welcome you.

As you see, the benefits of becoming a couchsurfer are several: es free, I used to meet new people, and also allows you to discover your customs or places no tourist destinations in the hand of your host.

In each of the sites say it is a form of reliable and safe to travel 100%, although I still think it is a only suitable experience for open minded people without fear of anything.

By itself the animals, I leave some websites dedicated to CouchSurfing (and then tell me that this has brought you gone):

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3 Responses to “Looking for free hosting? Try couchsurfing!”

  • Atricia Torres:


    as I register to travel the world??

    • Hola Atricia! To couchsurfing and benefit from free accommodation you can register at any of the sites listed above (personally I recommend, where I also recorded), you choose the place you want to go, and we'll get in touch via messages with people living there. You will see that the registration and the following steps are very easy, recorded and people are usually very friendly and sociable. If you have questions, write us again!

  • Sonia T.:

    I did not know of the existence of this option and sounds great. Thanks x the inf!!

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