Since Christmas is approaching, and with it, the same dilemma every year: what to give. We always try to find original gifts, who like both surprised and, and of course, which are useful. Finding a gift that meets all these requirements is really hard, and if we have a big family, find the perfect gift for each person can take a long time. To help you in your mission of finding the perfect gift for Christmas we propose an idea: regala viajes.

Indulging viajes s something totally unique, as it leaves the typical material gift: you are giving a unique experience, and almost everyone likes to travel and learn new things. You looking for some on the internet will find true wonders as far as travel is concerned, and as always, we suggest you some:

  • One night in a hotel nice or in a hostel can be a perfect for your partner or your parents can spend a romantic night out gift. You can book any of the best hotels directly or if you do not want to risk the date can in any travel agency you can buy a voucher (ya sea bancotel, talonotel o similares) for use at any time in any of the hotels that accept vouchers (with most, so peaceful). Si optas for from good, di in the agency's gift, as they often have special models shaped gift box with ribbons.
  • A bonus circuit to a spa to spa sure will delight any woman in your family (y a sure any man who also). On the website of the National Association of Spas You can consult the nearest, your offers and rates, circuits, etc.. But if you do not want to spend so much money does not have to be in some distant resort, sure that in your city there is a spa town where you can purchase a gift voucher.
  • To choose a gift for you young people to visit Good Holiday Atrápalo, and you'll find affordable prices genialesa Ideas: riding tours, balloon rides or plane, boar, kayak, sailing trips… to swim with sea lions or skydive. Clearly, You find something suitable.
  • A few days ago I discovered a specialized web gifting and travel experiences: PlanB!. These boxes (very nice, certainly) containing different themed gift vouchers and a list of places where I redeem. They have visits to wineries, tasting menus, adventure activities, hotels, etc.. You can buy them in your web, en Fnac, Media Markt, Barcelo Viajes, Vips, Viajes Iberia and La Casa del Libro.
  • Finally, Travel gives pure: airline tickets (some companies have also taken their gift vouchers, as ryanair), packs completos, Cruises, plane + hotel, etc.. You can buy them online or at travel agencies. If you take with dates set, also requests cancellation insurance, case.

Hopefully acertéis with gift and, even ahead of time so that we do not forget after: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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2 Responses to “Looking for unusual gifts for Christmas? Travel Offer!”

  • Juangi:

    Definitely a trip is the best gift. My regalron me one to London three years ago and certainly was the best Christmas of my life

  • Yo para unas fiestas tan señaladas como la Navidad, puentes o escapadas recomiendo siempre disfrutar de la estancia en un balneario o un buen hotel con Spa ya sea regalando un bono o la estancia directamente.

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