Surely you've ever done a round trip flight for less than 100 euros, maybe even for less than 20 thanks to some low cost company. If you've compared prices with other airlines, you would see that sometimes the differences are amazing.

How some companies can fly so cheap compared to other? Where is the trick?

The idea is to save on what the passenger does not need, but do not skimp on the most important: safety and punctuality.

Most tickets are sold online, saving commissions for travel agencies. Also, tickets are not in the classic sense, E-tickets only (goes to the airport with a key traveler and his dni, being printed confirmation at home).

The trend is not allot seats, as well as the passenger is encouraged to arrive early to be able to choose your seat and get a better place, making gains in timeliness.

On board there is no free extras: no newspapers or catering trays typical spread, but if you want to eat or drink, will have to pay.

Tampoco hay clase business, vip rooms or ground.

Flight attendants are usually the minimum required by law.

Usually fly to secondary airports, less congested, so that timely and improved fleet utilization, and they are cheaper.

The flight system is Point to point from one city to another, without ensuring transshipments. The route structure is simple, with short flights to do in a single type of aircraft, generally a Boeing 737. With fewer delays, saves on compensation.

In case of loss of flight, the money is not refunded.

They spend the minimum reviews required by law.

Pilots and mechanics are experts in a unique class of ship and the bargaining power of the manufacturer is greater.

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