We're in June and the weather begins we, so taking the summer is coming so close it's time to start making our plans for this summer. If you are one of those who want to do something different but you are unsure what and always end up doing the same things in life, I want to make some suggestions to make this summer more than funny, unforgettable.

  1. Do sports. Yes, I know it is very typical, but why not? With cold course you prefer to stay on the couch with a blanket, but in summer there is no excuse, and bound to find some outdoor sport you like. The pool is always a good choice, but perhaps you prefer biking or rescue some hiking trails in the mountains and seek with you unforgettable landscapes (Are you already The Ancares?).
  2. Lanza adventure. Would not you like to learn to surf? Maybe this summer is a good time, or skydive, hacer trekking, try diving or hop on a globe… if you're confused, in Atrapalo eventually convencerte.
  3. Give everything in a festival. Whether you like the type of music you like, there's a festival for you, and in Atiza sure you will find. They come in all types: national, international, free, Pay… If you want to spend as little money, I make three recommendations to the north: Ortigueira, Fiestizaje and the famous descent of Sella. Cheapest impossible, and the fun is always guaranteed.
  4. Do the Camino. If you're like me and you take several years with the idea of ​​pilgrimage to Santiago, This is our summer, because it is holy xacobeo year and will not be back for another 11 years old, so there are no excuses. Also, why do not you take the road as a religious pilgrimage, but simply as a very special experience where you will see beautiful places and meet interesting people.
  5. Vete inter-rail. The inter-rail archifamoso and is always one of the favorite choices of young people when traveling, and that is if you compare it with other means of transport is much cheaper, And is an adventure in itself!. You can buy a ticket that allows you to overall train travel across Europe from 159 € 10 days comprarte a ticket for a solo country, whose price depends on the number of days and the country. If you do not want to spend much money and like design your own trips, You have to try.
  6. How about a cruise? Sure that sometime in your life you thought about how good it must be to go cruising: sunbathing on deck, attend fancy dinners, swim in the middle of the sea, country visits… And why do not you? Each year cruises are cheaper, and if we want a little something for a lot less than you think (8 days for 500 € and similar), and surely you would spend great.
  7. Bugger. If you like driving and want a Custom Trip, I suggest two things: You can go to rent a caravan or in your car every night and get you a place to sleep (hotels, hostels, campings o incluso CouchSurfing, depending on what you want to spend). And when you get tired or you run out of money, You can turn around and go home, 100% freedom.
  8. Sol y playita. Plans lifelong remain equally wonderful, and we all feel the heat when it comes to lie out in the sun, a dip and approach the beach bar to drink beer, Huh? If something baratito Will you look Benidorm with the Eroski Viajes Salou, and if you prefer something more elegant, Try Huelva and the Portuguese Algarve.
  9. Make a different journey. Have you tried already our original forms of travel? The alternative if you want something but organized, points these two sites: caravanseraiviajes.com and viajesalnur.com.
  10. What fate choose. And finally, el anti-plane: nothing in planees. Put in a backpack you consider most essential, go to an airport, be attentive to changes in rates for last minute and gets the first you find cheap tickets. Who knows where you'll want to bring targeted…
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