Someone once said that anyone who is tired of London, is tired of living, and he was right. The British capital can boast of offering thousands of activities for everyone throughout the year, and also many free. If you are living, or you are just visiting the city, y the STO has all typical sights of London, set off to mingle with Londoners in any of their events.

Of these, in my opinion, There are five events that no visitor should miss:

1. Wimbledon. Every year Wimbledon Stars Telediarios and newspapers, and that is good you like tennis or not, The tournament is a spectacle that all brings together thousands of people for two weeks on this section of London. To get tickets, Visit the official website between August and December, or if you have left it to the last minute, try to get some resale.


2. Ascot Racecourse. Few events are more English than the famous Ascot horse racing, to which goes to the Royal Family. Although there are races throughout the year, the most popular is called Royal Ascot, held this year 17 to the 21 June. You can buy tickets from 25 in pounds official website of Ascot, further consultation protocol label should dress (do not forget the hat!)


3. Notting Hill Carnival. One of the most fun events is, clearly, The Notting Hill Carnival. But do not be fooled by its name: or have anything to do with the carnival we know in Spain and is held in February. This is a street festival with Caribbean air held in August (and people are not going to see him dressed), where you can enjoy live music, hundreds of food stalls and tropical drinks, and people parading in costumes reminiscent of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. And of course, free.

notting hill carnival

4. Bonfire Night. Every November 5th called Bonfire Night is celebrated throughout England, coinciding with the anniversary of the day that Guy Fawkes attempted to destroy the Houses of Parliament in London 1605 (if you've seen the movie V de Vendetta you know what I mean). On this night many events are organized throughout London, although the most common are people marches, torches in hand, followed by a fireworks show. Many neighborhoods also take the opportunity to organize concerts, fairs, markets, etc., so staying home is not an option.


5. New Year's Eve. If you have the opportunity to spend New Year in London, not hesitate to come to Westminster before 12 night to witness articiales the greatest show of fireworks and music you've ever seen in your life. The fireworks are launched from boats on the River Thames, and me, the best place to see them is in front of the London Eye, and also see the fires coming out of the huge Ferris wheel. Yes, go early to get a seat, because it is filled to the brim, and features are going to take a couple of hours after leaving the bustle end up. Even so, worth.


My advice is to try to arrange time, keep in mind that London is the largest city in Europe and this kind of event attracts thousands of people. So arrive before (sometimes close eye metro stations closest), and if you can try to stay in a hotel in the area. Especially if you're thinking of going to Wimbledon to Ascot, that are on the outskirts of the city, certainly more convenient for you to stay in the area by looking at Deals such as Venere. Ten en cuenta que el centro suele ser siempre más caro 🙂

And of course, do not forget your camera or video, sure you give good use!

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