This is, and only one week left to boot Titirimundi '10, International Festival of Puppets Segovia. I have been fortunate to enjoy during 3 years old, and although this time I can not go, the recomiendo everyone that if teneis the time the acerqueis Segovia, although only a few hours, rarely because you have seen something so beautiful and so magic. Titirimundi And it is not just a festival of puppeteers, It is also stunt, Juggling, circus, music, theater… and above all imagination and fun.

The festival will last until 13 May, and will feature performances spread throughout the city. On its website,, can consult the different scenarios (theaters, sleeps, streets, etc.) in which there will be performances, and participating companies this year. Also, Titirimundi is a festival for all ages, as there are performances for the whole family, but also some other childish and only for adults.

Case you're thinking about money, Cease to do it! This is a festival with many street performances, and therefore, Free, but ultimately the artists typically spend cap. There are so many actions that often have to choose, because several overlapping at the same time in different places of the city, so you're bound to find one of your liking. Yes, try to get some time with if the performance is free capacity, especially because weekend is filled and if you are not very alt @ not going to see anything (happened to me…).

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4 Responses to “7 days to Titirimundi, the festival not to be missed.”

  • Nana:

    Yes that looks good… he been looking for hotels that weekend but I think a poco carillos, Do you know somewhere cheaper?

    • I imagine you to be caasi Those days all the top. I've been looking a little cheaper and hotels is the Husa Puerta de Segovia in Logitravel of 64 €, but it is a bit outside, so you have the drive to Tien coger taxis (I think they are about 5 € from the aqueduct).

      I recommend also call some hostels, to see if they are rooms. I can personally recommend you Cat, which is very close to the water and it is quite clean. Have fun!!

  • Nephew:

    Recomiendas one day to go? I stack are about and whether I'd like to spend but I decided.

    • If you do not care if I go another weekday, because as I said, the weekend is always crowded and it's difficult to get a good place for performances.

      You can watch the program of actions on your website (, and go on to have more actions you may like, although I'm sure there are many! Certainly, vaya Sant Pau CF giving me these, I also wish I could go…

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