When you live in the UK and back to Spain on holiday there are two questions that everyone makes you:

– How about over there, foggy?

– And the very poor food. Huh? If you already say Spain and not eat anywhere…

Voucher, I recognize that Spanish food is very good, but it dijese lie here like bad taste in the meal English. You may not have a wide variety of specialties such as Spanish, but do not forget that the UK, and especially London, It is a very cosmopolitan place where people live around the world, and therefore, where you can sample dishes from any country. And for me, that always has a positive.

Throughout my two-plus years in this country I have been trying several English dishes and the rest of the world (I'm a little foodie, would say here, jeje), and this is my list of essential that you should try on your trip to London, or UK generally:

1. Traditional Afternoon Tea. The super famous afternoon tea served in teapot, accompanied by a jug of milk, sugar, scones (one rolls species are split in half and smeared), nata y mermelada. To this basic pack sandwiches can be added, cakes, and even champagne, depending on where you ask.

Afternoon tea

2. English Breakfast o Full Breakfast. Following basic, Who has not heard of the famous English desyuno, with their eggs and beans? The plate also carries bacon, tomato, mushrooms, sausage, hash browns (condensed kind mashed potato) and toast with butter. Although desyuno is called, is very common to ask the mealtime in any pub.

3. Curry. My answer to “in England no cooked” is always “no, pero hay curry”. Of all the food world, for me is the best curry. Although it is an Indian dish, the English have adopted as their own to consider national dish. The base is always meat or prawns, sauce and spices, with rice and naan (bread), and hence infinite variations arise. If you do not like spicy food, starts with a Korma, and if you mourn as you have not cried in your life, pídete a Vindaloo. For me, the best is the Rezalla, is so good that can not be described…


4. Fish and Chips. It is everywhere: in pubs, Restaurants, positions takeaway… The English love the battered cod and chips and it shows. If you ever look for something quick to eat more beyond a sandwich, this may be your solution.


5, Foot (pronounced father). Sure you've heard of the famous pies feet or, and you should not leave the UK without trying. They come in chicken, veal, lamb… even “hunting day” and eaten with French fries, mashed potatoes and gravy or vegetables (a typical brown salsita used with meats).


6. Sushi. Although you can also find in Spain, in UK is much more widespread. So, you can even find a couple of pounds at any supermarket.


7. Okonomiyaki or any other unusual dish Bricklane. As I mentioned in other posts, Bricklane is the most cosmopolitan London market, and in it you can find traditional food dishes in the world by 4 the 5 pounds, como el famoso Okonomiyaki japonés, a kind of tortilla flour.


Generally, eat in the UK is not overly expensive if you compare, for example, with the price of a breakfast. A serving of fish and chips costs about 5 the 6 pounds, the same as a cappuccino and croissant in a cafe, Always something to keep in mind when choosing your accommodation. If you decide to venirte Londres con GowithOh and have an apartment, can save your money and you spend it breakfast meals in much better. Y luego me puedes dejar un comentario con la que más te haya gustado 🙂

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