This past weekend TUVO place he Balboa Reggae Fest, two-day festival in which, for very little money, we enjoyed several concerts (reggae music, obviously) surrounded by an environment of more special. And the people of Balboa is one site, characterized by pallozas, the now famous lane cow Celtic atmosphere and especially that they have The Ancares.

El viernes tocaron Chalwa Band con King Konsul, Small Zergiote with Irie Lion Sound and Jah Selassie Soundsystem with Toni in Palloza of Chis (3€), and Saturday was the turn of Emeterians, Gregtown, Shakti I&I, King Horror Sound y Bhámbule Sound (5€) in the so-called Big Stage, a spectacular amphitheater built of stone and wood building on the slope of a nearby mountain to the people.

I just was in concert Saturday (that began more than two hours late, certainly) and I was impressed especially by the area of ​​the auditorium, where there was everything: a huge bar, services, canThe ones food, other market type stalls with clothes, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc.. Until lit a huge bonfire to give a little room and fight the cold, passing. Yes, the rise is by roads and was not very well signposted, but worth it when you get up and see the atmosphere there. You can see more photos on their Facebook page, and for sure next year you dare to go.

Although you could park it in a meadow Balboa before the climb to the concert area, we prefer to stay in the Camping Valle's Seo (why have bathrooms) in San Fiz do Seo, a 10 minute drive, and although in the end the bathrooms were the worst of camping, the rest of the facilities were great.

And although there is no festival, always worth approaching Balboa or The Ancares: never disappoint.

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3 Responses to “Balboa Reggae Fest”

  • elkary:

    which is a rail-cow?

    • As an original invention Mayor Balboa, I quote from the article linked above: “Is to open a fenced road with access to the meadows that will run parallel to the rural road LE-723, in a stretch of about five kilometers from Ambasmestas, in the municipality of Vega de Valcarce, y Balboa. The mayor sees the solution in this idea to solve the problems involved in transit of animals for the movement of vehicles on a road so narrow”.

  • elkary:

    Question resolved, I could already see the link,… very interesting. Should have in all cities, xq animals lacking….

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