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Begins 2014, and a year, I could not stay without publishing the list of best hotels in Spain. As always, I have taken into account the total rating Ratings

Same as last year, seems that more and more people prefer to stay at luxury hotels, romantic or rural rather than five-star hotels or chain. And that new hotels with an aesthetic and services each year arise manicured, and only with them makes you want to travel there to enjoy himself.

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Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. Casa Rural Cerro La Gorra (Agua Amarga)
  2. Hostal El Olivar (Mojácar)
  3. Hotel-Apartment Carolina y Vanessa (San Jose)
  • Cádiz:
  1. Bed The Vestibule (Jimena de la Frontera)
  2. Villa Mathesis (Zahara)
  3. Atlantic House (Rattan)
  • Cordova:
  1. Plaza Apartments in Austria (Cordova)
  2. My House in Córdoba (Cordova)
  3. Casa Rural Azahar (Priego de Córdoba)

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I recently read an article about a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ecónonico (OECD) about the 10 best countries to live in the world, and the results have surprised me quite. The study took into account factors such as education, quality of life, political environment , health and economy, and was thus ranking:

1. Australia

2. Sweden

3. Canada

4. Norway

5. Switzerland

6. U.S.

7. Denmark

8. Holland

9. Iceland

10. UK

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When choosing the next holiday destination we usually consider several factors: site characteristics, how far we have left, and as always, price. Although the Spanish coasts typically offer very affordable prices, we find very significant differences between locations and other.

According to news gathered by World, World Holiday Costs Barometer recently made by the British Post Office agency, places the Costa del Sol (Malaga) least expensive of all our coasts, followed by Costa Blanca (Alicante). With regard to coastal cities, Torremolinos tops the list, with Jávea in second position and Palma Nova in tercera. The study has taken into account the average price of ten typical holiday items like coffee, solar cream, or dinner for two people.


On the other hand, taking into account the average price of hotels, according to the National Statistics Institute the ranking of regions rentals would look like: Region of Murcia, Valencia, Andalusia, Canary Islands, Cataluña e Islas Baleares.

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Since its release a little over a year ago the list of the best hotels in Spain 2011 is the entry with more daily blog visits, so I forced myself to stop dragged its feet and to update the list before the end of this year. Once more, I have taken into account the total rating Ratings

This year I especially noticed a change in hotel trends, years since while larger hotels and chains predominated, often with high prices, this year have crept into the list quite charming hotels, Most family, and more reasonable prices. Anyway, have all looked great and I'm looking to stay in one of them, What about you with what ye quedaríais? Have you been in any of them?

Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. My Grandmother Mary Bed (Mojácar)
  2. Hotel-Apartment Carolina y Vanessa (San Jose)
  3. Put the Candle (Pannier)
  4. Casa Rural Cerro La Gorra (Agua Amarga)
  5. Sale El Museo (Lucainena)

'm Not used to things I arrive by mail, and less from Spain, without my sender has requested without. So when the other day I got one brown packet with nothing inside except a beaker of reel photo with my name, simplemente Flipe. My boyfriend saying that someone sent me compromising photos… (On a reel?? Who uses a roll of film today?and, Who may have compromising photos of me? :P), thinking about who could have a camera as well and my address… I even wrote to my brother's girlfriend to indagarle, jejeje.

Al final, when I was about to go to a photo shop with the damn reel, I realize that you have something written out, and that slot pokes a small eyelash, tiro y tará!! I get a whole roll of paper with a website and a code (and I just think, what a fool you are…). So take my iphone, I enter the code and introduce web, ¿And where do you think it took me??

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Last 21 September Shopping River opened in Valladolid, becoming the sixth largest mall in Spain. Located in Arroyo de la Commit, including IKEA, the mall has 124 local open, 107 of which are commercial shops, 16 cafeteria and restaurants and a cinema with 10 rooms and 1.700 seats. All these facilities generate a volume of 1.600 direct jobs and 400 Indirect, to which must be added the 2.400 job positions arising during the construction period, published as El Norte de Castilla. Next to nothing.

The last time I was in Valladolid was about two years ago, and last week I was lucky to find a flight back to London for just 20 euros (viva Ryanair, whatever they say!), así que me metí un madrugón el día antes de mi vuelo y me fui para allá a recordar mis tiempos universitarios 🙂

In the morning visit to Campo Grande, chocolate with churros, Flea of ​​the best ham in the world, and reeds in the mythical penicillin. No one plans as my friend L! And in the evening, MIS meeting with friends turismiólogas 5 years after finishing the race! As had just open the Shopping Rio was pretty clear what had to go, Huh?

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