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Lately I get quite a few stories of people who have had problems with the hotel we had booked in London: sudden and unexplained increases in fares, rooms that resemble neither the website, overbookings… In my opinion there is no magic formula to avoid take a surprise upon arrival, except I choose carefully (the area is very important, for example) and fixed on reviews from former guests.

Anyway, Spaniards tend to believe that a hotel is always the best accommodation that we can find, and elsewhere will be a “cuchitril”. In London, and UK general, this is not true at all, as there are types of accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes, and are often much better than a hotel.

These are the best known:

The cheapest option is usually a youth hostel, where several people unknown to each other sharing a room: is much larger room, less pay. They usually have bunk beds and rooms are only boys or only girls, unless you rent an entire room (that group travel, for example), so it is not usually the best option for traveling solo. For me, The biggest advantage, other than price, is the chance to meet other travelers and to comment on people who are visiting the same city as you.

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Your main problem when traveling is money? Are you one of those who suffer from having to pay more for a bed to sleep that you've spent the day? Are you open to new experiences and want to mix with locals who visits? If the answers have been “yes”, you should try the CouchSurfing the free hosting, one of the latest developments when traveling. Read the rest of this entry »

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