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After a fantastic weekend in Napa and Sonoma, Monday we went to the city of San Francisco, where we would stay until our return to London on Sunday. Started for check-in at the Hilton Finantial District, located right next to Chinatown, a building of no less than 27 plants! The hotel entrance was absolutely spectacular, and the views from our room on the ground 14 They were so amazing: DSC_0442

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I've always wanted to go to America. Specifically to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, and This year I had the good fortune to accompany Pixel Hero Games (the company you work for Aaron) during his visit to the city of Golden Gate on the occasion of the GDC (Game Developers Conference).

For once I have been proactive and have brought with me the laptop, so IRE publishing my daily trip (or at least I try), y así espero no olvidarme de contaros nada importante 🙂 Y sin más, start:


After “brief” Flight 11 hours from London which gave me time to see four films and media, llege to San Francisco. If you've never been to the United States as I was, prepared to spend the customs inspection. Sites I had always looked at the passport and, but Here you stop, you Toman huellas, make you a picture and you do all the questions they please (and if you do not like your answers, they can send you back on the next plane). A mí me asked what the IBA San Francisco, with whom, where he lived, what worked, the name of my company… :S


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(This is continued Four-day trip to Scotland (I))


The next day we rented a car with Hertz to travel to Loch Ness, pefieres even if there are many companies that offer bus tours so you do not have to drive. Had booked a Corsa for £ 75 pounds for three days, and on arrival we were told we were none and got a Mazda 6 for the same price (yujuuu).

To go al Lago Ness (Loch Ness, pronounced large and not hole) from Edinburgh can take two paths: One is to go to Inverness and from there down to the Lake (about 35 km), or make a detour through the A85 and take the lake bottom through Loch Lochy. Although it takes longer, We decided to give the rodeo and more power and landscapes of Scotland, and in my opinion worth (although Aaron was a little tired of driving, the truth). In total the route is a 4 hours, so we decided to stop on the way to see another of the many beautiful Scottish lochs: Loch Tay, two hours and hours of Edinburgh without deviating much from the main road. In my opinion, Loch Tay is one of those wonders unknown to tourists, a huge lake surrounded by mountains in true Swiss style, with just a cafe and wooden benches to sit and enjoy the scenery.


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I love Scotland. I can not say clearer. He had been wanting to go, and Scotland never disappoints. I admit I do not usually plan my trips too, but in this case I wanted everything to come out particularly well and it took me almost two weeks to organize where to go, sights, and where to stay.

Decided to visit Scotland during August bridge, and at first all were drawbacks. First, was very difficult to decide what we should visit, because four days is not enough to see all the wonders Scottish, but we did not want to lose anything essential. The second problem was the budget: only London-Edinburgh train costs over 100 pounds, and to be a bridge, the prices of hotels and car rental were crazy, but in the end I found quite a few bargains:


First you have to decide the route. Get a guide Lonely Planet Discover Scotland and looked like recommendations on other blogs More Edinburgh the Mis Viajes by ahi, and I finally decided to Edinburgh, Loch Tai, Loch Ness, Inverness, Castle Blair y Stirling. Basically I prefer to sleep in because they are in cities largest hotel supply and traced the route to avoid condiucir more than four hours each day:


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If you follow my blog regularly you've probably already realized how much I like the British Victorian houses, and generally everything about the era and the literature of Jane Austen :). Whenever I hear that there is something around here, I miss no opportunity to make a visit. It's been a couple of years I discovered list the locations of the world of Jane Austen, and since then I have them all on my list of outstanding destinations. Curiously, one of them is in my same city.

Loseley Park is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Guildford which has been the scene in Emma (in the starring Romola Garai version, It was the home of Mr Knighley) and Sense and Sensibility (in the BBC miniseries, Barton Park to, the home of the Middletons). It was built in the sixteenth century, except minimal reforms, everything remains as is.

Loseley Park

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Berlin is a special city. There are many charming European cities, but Berlin is… different. In my opinion, Berlin there for everyone: for lovers of culture, for historians, for people looking to party, for families… Whether you are looking for a getaway with your partner a weekend, just as if you want to escape from the routine to get into a dark café to read a good book while listening to jazz background (as always said my friend Ele), Berlin is your destiny.

In my case, Berlin was part of a tour van through Europe and stopped in the city two days, enough to discover its main attractions. Of all the places we could see, these are my favorites:

Checkpoint Charlie. It was our first stop in the city and I still remember the bittersweet feeling of face to face a real border crossing used to report the East and West. The poster “You are leaving the American sector” is a claim all the souvenir shops.



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