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One of the big questions we all have when choosing the destination of our honeymoon is “¿hará bueno?”, and is that time can be the big determining factor when choosing between going to a country or to another.

Cuando estaba organizando mi boda, I went to a fair called The National Wedding Show (en Londres, Super recommended) and one of the many things that I took was a brochure with best honeymoon destinations depending on the month in which you marry. El folleto venía en inglés, así que me he tomado la libertad de traducir el esquema principal de destinos. Espero que a ti también te sea útil!!



Wedding website The Knot (English) You can also find a very similar list. Also, if you already have clear what you want your destination and just want to know when is the best time, You can find it all details on the same link.

Do you already know more or less where you want to go? Deja tu comentario más abajo 🙂


FolletosTras un parón de varios meses en los que no he tenido tiempo de nada vuelvo a la carga con un tema que me encanta: Lunas de miel. Tengo que confesaros que aunque en estos meses he estado leyendo mucho, muchísimo, sobre viajes, me ha costado demasiado encontrar un par de horas para sentarme a escribir. Por lo menos esta vez tengo una buena excusa: me he prometido y organizar una boda desde otro país lleva mucho tiempo, creedme.

Si me preguntais qué ha sido lo más complicado para mí de organizar la boda, os diría que elegir la luna de miel. No soy de esas chicas que lloren al ponerse vestidos de novia ni que se pasen horas pensando en maquillaje y peluquería, pero como espíritu viajero que me considero, mi luna de miel tiene que ser absolutamente perfecta.

La pregunta es, ¿cómo elegir la luna de miel perfecta? ¿De entre todo el mundo, cómo saber cuál será el destino ideal para ese viaje inolvidable? Y muy importante, ¿me voy a poder permitir ese viaje soñado? En este post voy a intentar daros unos consejos en general y en los próximos explicaré mas a fondo cada una de las partes a tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir la luna de miel.

¿Cuándo es tu luna de miel?

Esta es la primera pregunta que debes tener en cuenta. Dependiendo del mes, unos destinos son más aconsejables que otros para asegurarte buen tiempo. In this link puedes ver los mejores destinos ordenados por meses (English).

¿Qué quieres hacer en tu luna de miel?

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There are many people who start to prepare your summer holidays. Traveling with children can be a fun activity for the whole family allowing smaller house know other countries and cultures in an entertaining way. However, is important to control all the travel details, especially with regard to children.


The purpose of a family vacation is to enjoy a few days with the kids and play together, but that is must take a number of precautions and make a trip organization.

First, must choose the holiday destination, particularly appreciating the limitations that may have children in certain types of travel. And is that, for example, a small child can not walk long, or it is not advisable to travel to areas where there is extreme weather conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

KingstonEveryone knows that today it is compulsory to learn English when looking for a job, but if you are someone who is thinking about moving to United Kingdom, be able to communicate in English are especially important. Mournfully, with how hard it is to find work in Spain, every day I see more and more Spaniards arriving in the UK, and as I said in my Miniguía to move to UK, many believe that they will learn English cum “absorption”. Yes it is true that being here you learn if yes, but the more you know before taking the plunge, easier it is to adapt to the country, find accommodation and especially, good work. Do not forget you'll have to spend a lot of interviews and talking to people who will only speak English, so you better prepare some.

Of all the possible methods you can choose when to learn English, the most common are:

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL. Probably the most popular way to learn English is join a Official School of Languages. Tuition is usually pretty cheap, and you make sure to have quality teachers, besides getting an official title. The problem is that it takes 6 years to complete the entire cycle, and only give 5 class hours a week, so if you want a quick method is not very useful.

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I recently read an article about a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ecónonico (OECD) about the 10 best countries to live in the world, and the results have surprised me quite. The study took into account factors such as education, quality of life, political environment , health and economy, and was thus ranking:

1. Australia

2. Sweden

3. Canada

4. Norway

5. Switzerland

6. U.S.

7. Denmark

8. Holland

9. Iceland

10. UK

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A couple of days I discovered through tweet Youtube channel Molaviajar, one of my favorite travel blogs, Adri and Gosia where they talk about their travels around the world and many other things, like couchsurfing or even why they have been married four times! Currently only have 6 videos, so when I saw all started jumping to suggested videos (most were tourist, clear), and I ended up finding one I liked especially the Mexican city of Queretaro on:

Hitherto, Mexico is a place completely unknown to me except for Riviera Maya and Cancun, of which I spoke in post anterior. But after seeing the video came my curiosity and I looked a little more about this beautiful area of ​​Mexico.

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