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He had been a time without appropriating any guide, and taking advantage of my visit last month to the Noche Templaria Ponferradina, I decided to take a look at Routes in the Spain of the Templars.

This guide, El País Aguilar, contains 27 Weekend tours in the footsteps of the most fascinating of the military orders of the Middle Ages. Each route has a route map, as well as useful information about visits, establishments and other relevant information. It also includes descriptions of possessions and places that have documented the presence of the warrior monks. The reality and the legend of the Knights Templar through its legacy in history, art, architecture… Read the rest of this entry »

I must confess, every time I plan a trip I can not help but buy a tourist destination guide (imagine my bookshelf…), and I love to browse your photos, descriptions and recommendations, maps and even its smell. I think the guide will always carry in your bag is part of the charm of traveling, but at night you end up with a little sore shoulder. Does the negative part of the guides? In many cases the price and as, weight. So I was glad when I discovered Guiomatic, as solves both problems: is free and can customize to your needs, with the extension you prefer.

According to the website itself Guiomatic allows create a custom travel guide for the dates you want to travel with highlights, Tourist, Maps, time and download it in pdf for free or order the paper version. Read the rest of this entry »

Since early this April Brugal, Dominican rum, gives from his web page guide books of the Dominican Republic (yes, yes, free). I have been fortunate to be among the first to receive my guide courtesy of Brugal and the truth is that I love, not because it is a tourist guide to the use, it is an experience in itself.

Nothing else out of the package I was surprised by its cover, and is reminiscent of the books sold in the fairs of old book (and that I love), en color beige y con relieve. But when I opened the surprise was even greater: all color pages, full of photos and drawings, without even margins to soak in the Dominican Republic while reading much easier. And for a more accurate description, what better than that contained within the guide, Huh?: Read the rest of this entry »

“The essential for traveling with kids by Spain Guide contains all the keys to make a trip with children an unforgettable experience. A guide stimula fantasy and surprise young adults leading them to scenarios legend. Includes hundreds of tracks to make the most of the routes, enjoy fun city, great places, evocative theme parks and natural areas.”

This travel guide, de Editorial Everest (2001), is all you need if you want the little ones have fun while learning new things traveling. The guide is based on 9 attractions for children containing the destinations: nature, tales and legends, curiosities, Theme parks and attractions, Zoos, gardens and parks, curious monuments and museums, exciting excursions, activities and lodging. Read the rest of this entry »

A few days ago I found this in a library travel guide, as “magic” es mis favorite adjectives, I took it home hoping to discover great places in it, Precious, Special. And the truth is that after you read it to me whole I feel a little cheated. No me malinterpreteis, This guide does contain corner of Castilla y León very deserving of being visited, I simply had not defined as “Magic”.

I've been looking online guide trying to figure out your price, but I could not find. Yes Will you animaros también the buscarla, is part of a collection of Library La Posada and the Castile and Leon del Duero entitled Guidelines published in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

“This guide covers not only small populations with monuments of great historical and artistic value, well preserved but especially those locations that best represent the traits and the old ways of life in their county or region.

Every review, along with a detailed description of the monuments, the history and characteristics of the people, provides updated information on:

  • Location and access.
  • Population.
  • Offer local products.
  • Gastronomy.
  • Fiestas and traditions.
  • Best season to visit.
  • Best seen.
  • Tourist Phones.
  • Recommended visits.
  • Environment Area.
  • Accommodation and restaurants. Read the rest of this entry »
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