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Scotland is a country of incredible beauty, and featuring spectacular scenery with a great diversity of flora and fauna. Throughout This is an ideal place to go camping and enjoy nature in a unique surroundings.

So here I present a selection of the best campsites in Scotland so that you have in mind for the next trip to this wonderful country. Yes, first of all I recommend you equip yourself with the best material for camping Campz.

1. The Lazy Duck.


It is located in the village of Nethybridge, within the larger National Park across the UK. El camping, surrounded by a barrier of trees, has excellent facilities such as sunbeds, sauna, even, outdoor shower. The price is £ 10 per tent plus one person, and will have to pay 5 ₤ more for each extra person.

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'm Not used to things I arrive by mail, and less from Spain, without my sender has requested without. So when the other day I got one brown packet with nothing inside except a beaker of reel photo with my name, simplemente Flipe. My boyfriend saying that someone sent me compromising photos… (On a reel?? Who uses a roll of film today?and, Who may have compromising photos of me? :P), thinking about who could have a camera as well and my address… I even wrote to my brother's girlfriend to indagarle, jejeje.

Al final, when I was about to go to a photo shop with the damn reel, I realize that you have something written out, and that slot pokes a small eyelash, tiro y tará!! I get a whole roll of paper with a website and a code (and I just think, what a fool you are…). So take my iphone, I enter the code and introduce web, ¿And where do you think it took me??

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Be adventurous and take a tour of Europe is one of the common dreams of any travel lover, and I just returned from one that has been, for the time being, the journey of my life. En total han sido 7.000 kilometers 20 days, through 9 countries and over 25 cities, and spending just over 1.000 euros per person. Y as imaginaréis, We have passed many things, We have met many different people, we have seen landscapes that seem taken from a mock tale and cities, and especially, we've had great and we have had a unique experience.

A common way to travel in Europe is using a inter-rail, today offers various combinations and prices for all ages and different prices. However, if podeis do drive as we did we, spare yourselves you money and you will have much more flexibility when choosing destinations, since there is always trains with you wherever you want to go. Read the rest of this entry »

I imagine that by now you've probably summer vacation gone (surely to the beach), but if you are someone who can not leave because you need to work or because the crisis has given you full, or just want to keep putting tan, we suggest a much closer and cheaper alternative: river beaches (the bathing areas),a phenomenon that is growing in inland areas such as Castilla y León and want to bring you as it can still take some time to give a swim and sunbathe. Read the rest of this entry »

This past weekend TUVO place he Balboa Reggae Fest, two-day festival in which, for very little money, we enjoyed several concerts (reggae music, obviously) surrounded by an environment of more special. And the people of Balboa is one site, characterized by pallozas, the now famous lane cow Celtic atmosphere and especially that they have The Ancares.

El viernes tocaron Chalwa Band con King Konsul, Small Zergiote with Irie Lion Sound and Jah Selassie Soundsystem with Toni in Palloza of Chis (3€), and Saturday was the turn of Emeterians, Gregtown, Shakti I&I, King Horror Sound y Bhámbule Sound (5€) in the so-called Big Stage, a spectacular amphitheater built of stone and wood building on the slope of a nearby mountain to the people. Read the rest of this entry »

A few days ago I found this in a library travel guide, as “magic” es mis favorite adjectives, I took it home hoping to discover great places in it, Precious, Special. And the truth is that after you read it to me whole I feel a little cheated. No me malinterpreteis, This guide does contain corner of Castilla y León very deserving of being visited, I simply had not defined as “Magic”.

I've been looking online guide trying to figure out your price, but I could not find. Yes Will you animaros también the buscarla, is part of a collection of Library La Posada and the Castile and Leon del Duero entitled Guidelines published in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

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