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I recently read an article about a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ecónonico (OECD) about the 10 best countries to live in the world, and the results have surprised me quite. The study took into account factors such as education, quality of life, political environment , health and economy, and was thus ranking:

1. Australia

2. Sweden

3. Canada

4. Norway

5. Switzerland

6. U.S.

7. Denmark

8. Holland

9. Iceland

10. UK

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Berlin is a special city. There are many charming European cities, but Berlin is… different. In my opinion, Berlin there for everyone: for lovers of culture, for historians, for people looking to party, for families… Whether you are looking for a getaway with your partner a weekend, just as if you want to escape from the routine to get into a dark café to read a good book while listening to jazz background (as always said my friend Ele), Berlin is your destiny.

In my case, Berlin was part of a tour van through Europe and stopped in the city two days, enough to discover its main attractions. Of all the places we could see, these are my favorites:

Checkpoint Charlie. It was our first stop in the city and I still remember the bittersweet feeling of face to face a real border crossing used to report the East and West. The poster “You are leaving the American sector” is a claim all the souvenir shops.



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