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Southern Spain has a special charm. Its beauty, climate, his art. There are many cities that deserve special mention, but today we will talk about one of the major cities of Andalucía: Seville.

Sevilla is one of those cities that you just fall in love upon arrival. Ideally have enough days to go each and every one of its streets and visit every corner, well stay in any of the hotels Expedia. But, clearly, there 5 essential places you can not miss on your visit to Seville:

1. Cathedral and Giralda. The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See is one of the most visited buildings in Seville, but undoubtedly, its bell, more commonly known as the Giralda, is one of the icons of the city. If you get the chance, below a lo elevation of the Giralda, and will have one of the most impressive views of Sevilla.

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Begins 2014, and a year, I could not stay without publishing the list of best hotels in Spain. As always, I have taken into account the total rating Ratings

Same as last year, seems that more and more people prefer to stay at luxury hotels, romantic or rural rather than five-star hotels or chain. And that new hotels with an aesthetic and services each year arise manicured, and only with them makes you want to travel there to enjoy himself.

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Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. Casa Rural Cerro La Gorra (Agua Amarga)
  2. Hostal El Olivar (Mojácar)
  3. Hotel-Apartment Carolina y Vanessa (San Jose)
  • Cádiz:
  1. Bed The Vestibule (Jimena de la Frontera)
  2. Villa Mathesis (Zahara)
  3. Atlantic House (Rattan)
  • Cordova:
  1. Plaza Apartments in Austria (Cordova)
  2. My House in Córdoba (Cordova)
  3. Casa Rural Azahar (Priego de Córdoba)

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Since I live in England I've noticed a curious fact: when you tell that you are an Englishman in Spain, nobody asks you if you live in Madrid (it would be more logical if you consider that it is the largest city), but if you're from Barcelona, Malaga Mallorca. Malaga I have already spoken a previous post and I've never been to Mallorca, even so by the time I hear about her and how much I like, Barcelona deserves its own entry in The Immense Journey.

Surely you've already visited the old city, and although it is not so, sure you already know all the places you should go: Plaza Catalunya, Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta, Las Ramblas… so this post is a little more “tailor-made”, so you discover other places in Barcelona that enjoy if you're a boy, o si eres chica.

If you're a kid you do not miss…

Camp-NouCAMP NOU. A guided tour of the football stadium with more capacity in Europe (and sixth in the world) sure it's something you want to miss. By 23 euros can go all the stadium, from the field to the locker room, you through the museum and enjoy a media space where a 3D documentary. Do not forget to make pictures in the press room or in the cabs of commentators.

Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. Following the sports industry, will surely like to visit the Olympic Stadium Montjuic (that contrary to what I thought, not named), mythical scenario of Olympics 92.

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I think no one can deny that Toledo is a magical city. It has always been on my list of places to visit earrings, and what better time to discover all its charm during the Corpus Christi, when the city is decked. I wanted my visit to be as special as possible, so carefully looked every hotel possible before deciding. Finally, I opted for a legendary hotel in Toledo, the Best Western Plus Hotel Del Cardenal.

Located in central Toledo, by Alfonso VI Gate, Cardinal Hotel is located in a XVII century building that is part of the wall itself. Just ahead there is a public parking just a few meters are escalator connection to the historic town, so once there, do not need the car at all.


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After a two week holiday in Spain, and I'm back in the UK. Y tengo depresión post-vacacional 🙁 . I admit I am a lover of England and surely I would not live in Spain now (and as things), but spend a week holiday, Spain is heaven. Sun and heat, Good and cheap food, even cheaper drinks, friendly and nice people… What more is needed?

As I mentioned in children post, this year I started my summer vacation in Cordoba, where I could see for the first time how fair is a typical Andalusian. The trip did not start too well. He had planned to go to the fair since March, and had bought my plane tickets for Saturday and get to see the cover lighting and fireworks, but few days ago the organization decided to change the opening night of Saturday to Friday, so I missed. I never get to understand why after publishing date of an event municipalities decide to change a couple of weeks before, as also happened last year with the Feria de Ponferrada Templaria.


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Only those who live in the UK know how much you miss the sun during the fall and winter (in spring and summer and also, the truth :P), so we half a year thinking about the holidays arrive to escape to a sunny beach in time to make the best possible. I have only two weeks, so I've decided to split between Sun and Sea, and culture and folklore. The first week will be spent in Córdoba, enjoying their famous Fair of Our Lady of Health in Toledo, during the celebration of Corpus Christi, and the second week we will be putting in Torremolinos brown.

If you are still organizing your vacation and one of these plans you think palatable, read:


The fair is held between 25 May and 1 June Fairgrounds in Cordoba El Arenal. Its 8 days that promise to be full of booths, Seville, rebujitos, Typical dishes and Cordoba “pottery” in which mounted. The best thing about the show is that, Unlike other, Most houses are public, so you can get to any of them without invitation. The later will be my first Andalusian feria, so I can not expect to wear a ruffled dress and learn to dance. Also, Aaron's family lives in Córdoba, so I'll have some excellent guides. You can find more information in blogs May Cordovan and Welcome to Lilliput. Read the rest of this entry »

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