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Begins 2014, and a year, I could not stay without publishing the list of best hotels in Spain. As always, I have taken into account the total rating Ratings

Same as last year, seems that more and more people prefer to stay at luxury hotels, romantic or rural rather than five-star hotels or chain. And that new hotels with an aesthetic and services each year arise manicured, and only with them makes you want to travel there to enjoy himself.

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Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. Casa Rural Cerro La Gorra (Agua Amarga)
  2. Hostal El Olivar (Mojácar)
  3. Hotel-Apartment Carolina y Vanessa (San Jose)
  • Cádiz:
  1. Bed The Vestibule (Jimena de la Frontera)
  2. Villa Mathesis (Zahara)
  3. Atlantic House (Rattan)
  • Cordova:
  1. Plaza Apartments in Austria (Cordova)
  2. My House in Córdoba (Cordova)
  3. Casa Rural Azahar (Priego de Córdoba)

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It seems that the airlines have agreed to complicate my life every time I want to go to Spain: Ryanair fly and only one day a week from London to Valladolid, Easyjet three days to Asturias, Vueling is jumping on the limbo with prices Coruña… So last month when I had to go to Ponferrada I had no choice but to fly into Barajas and me five hours bus to my house. What have we abandoned Airlines to Northern Spain, must see!

When do my route plans I found I had only 45 minutes after the estimated time of landing the plane (in the T1) to exit the bus (in the T4), and as never before had to move between terminals, I decided to search the internet for how to do it and how long it takes. The first part is easy, on the second I found no information whatsoever.

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Since its release a little over a year ago the list of the best hotels in Spain 2011 is the entry with more daily blog visits, so I forced myself to stop dragged its feet and to update the list before the end of this year. Once more, I have taken into account the total rating Ratings

This year I especially noticed a change in hotel trends, years since while larger hotels and chains predominated, often with high prices, this year have crept into the list quite charming hotels, Most family, and more reasonable prices. Anyway, have all looked great and I'm looking to stay in one of them, What about you with what ye quedaríais? Have you been in any of them?

Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. My Grandmother Mary Bed (Mojácar)
  2. Hotel-Apartment Carolina y Vanessa (San Jose)
  3. Put the Candle (Pannier)
  4. Casa Rural Cerro La Gorra (Agua Amarga)
  5. Sale El Museo (Lucainena)

*Would not you rather have a look at the updated list of Best Hotels in Spain 2014? Just click here.

In November 2009 publish the list of the best hotels in Spain at that time, and since this post is one of the most visited receives each day, I thought it would be nice to update. So I present the list of hotels rated by users lWeb bookings Booking sorted into autonomous communities and provinces:

Best Hotels in Andalucia:

  • Almería:
  1. Sale El Museo (Lucainena)
  2. Hospice Rural Los Palmitos (El Pozo de los Frailes)
  3. Hotel Valhalla Spa (Carboneras)
  4. Hotel El Trébol (Carboneras)
  5. Hostal San Antonio (Carboneras)
  • Cádiz:
  1. Casa Grande (Jerez de la Frontera)
  2. In ... (Vejer de la Frontera)
  3. Conil trap (Conil de la Frontera)
  4. Hotel Chancillería (Jerez de la Frontera)
  5. Hipotels Flamenco Conil (Conil de la Frontera)

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A year, Madrid hosted the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), a meeting for tourism professionals, and a paradise for tourists who can experience the best of each country and region almost without leaving home. This edition, the number 30, opened its doors on 20 until 24 January. Courtesy of Provincial de Valladolid got two invitations to visit the fair on Saturday 23, so there we went.

This was the third year I visit the fair, and the first time I do on weekends, as, sincerely, I advise no: if podeis, id Midweek, since there is much less crowded and many more things to see and do. Read the rest of this entry »

Tomorrow, 19 Madrid begins at the first festival of TV series, promises to be more interesting. In your page web summary of what we will try and some things that we can find:

DIGITAL , with the participation of Canal , Fox, AXN, Street 13, Sci Fi, TNT, Paramount Comedy, Cosmopolitan TV and MTV, gives us the first Festival Series, to be held of 19 to the 22 November at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Read the rest of this entry »
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