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Someone once said that anyone who is tired of London, is tired of living, and he was right. The British capital can boast of offering thousands of activities for everyone throughout the year, and also many free. If you are living, or you are just visiting the city, y the STO has all typical sights of London, set off to mingle with Londoners in any of their events.

Of these, in my opinion, There are five events that no visitor should miss:

1. Wimbledon. Every year Wimbledon Stars Telediarios and newspapers, and that is good you like tennis or not, The tournament is a spectacle that all brings together thousands of people for two weeks on this section of London. To get tickets, Visit the official website between August and December, or if you have left it to the last minute, try to get some resale.


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If you follow my blog regularly you've probably already realized how much I like the British Victorian houses, and generally everything about the era and the literature of Jane Austen :). Whenever I hear that there is something around here, I miss no opportunity to make a visit. It's been a couple of years I discovered list the locations of the world of Jane Austen, and since then I have them all on my list of outstanding destinations. Curiously, one of them is in my same city.

Loseley Park is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Guildford which has been the scene in Emma (in the starring Romola Garai version, It was the home of Mr Knighley) and Sense and Sensibility (in the BBC miniseries, Barton Park to, the home of the Middletons). It was built in the sixteenth century, except minimal reforms, everything remains as is.

Loseley Park

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I love Jane Austen. I love his books and especially her characters. So after visiting the Jane Austen Museum in Bath and find that the last place where he lived is just three quarters of an hour from my house, my next destination could not be other than small village of Chawton, en Hampshire, where the Jane Austen’s House Museum.

As I told you in I post Previous, I started the day in Winchester, where I caught the bus 64 J off at the bus station. Arriving at Chawton just follow the main street and the left, right in front of a teahouse called Cassandra's Cup (how else) is that was the last home of Jane Austen. Admission is 7 pounds for adults, 6 for students and 2.50 for children 16 years old.


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UK is a country full of small towns which hide centuries of history and tradition, and have much more to offer than a visitor could think in principle. This is the case of Winchester, a city of just 40.000 Hampshire County residents (in southern England), it became the capital of the kingdom of Wessex important, London until he unseated after a fire in the twelfth century.

Although I am ashamed to admit, I did not know of the existence of Winchester until just a couple of months, and that I live about an hour by train. So useful that I had no other plan for the bridge Easter, and already had mono travel, Saturday I took my camera and my wool hat and prepared to spend a wonderful day in Winchester.

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Last 28 January was held on bicentenary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous novels of British literature (and also one of my favorites). There have been many blogs that published special post at the time, and although later, I wanted no less and let this opportunity pass, so I'll talk about I visit Jane Austen Centre, the first museum on the writer I could visit.

The Jane Austen Centre is located in the heart of the city of Bath, specifically in the 40 de Gay Street, and has a permanent collection. Jane Austen's own lived on the same street, a couple of buildings above, the number 25, but the museum recreates perfectly that could have been home. Admission is 8 pounds adult, the 4,50 children's.

Upon arrival we find the very same Mr. Bennett, flesh and blood, and a photograph of Colin Firth to give us the best welcome (these English really know). Once purchased tickets, We had to wait a few minutes in a room with curiosities of movies and some samples of original costumes.

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Last year my 25 birthday gave me a fancy to go weekend with my boyfriend to Paris, and this year I decided to continue my “new” tradition of celebrating my birthday doing what I like: travel. I must confess that I was not as organized as soil be the fate and decided at the last minute, but ultimately Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and the small town of Durham made a weekend pass unforgettable (good, Aaron also helped some, jeje)

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a city of about 200.000 inhabitants north of England, near the border with Scotland, about three hours by train from London. The arrival in the city can not be cataclysmic, offering incredible views of the seven bridges from the train, and deeper into a web of Victorian buildings.

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