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One of the big questions we all have when choosing the destination of our honeymoon is “¿hará bueno?”, and is that time can be the big determining factor when choosing between going to a country or to another.

Cuando estaba organizando mi boda, I went to a fair called The National Wedding Show (en Londres, Super recommended) and one of the many things that I took was a brochure with best honeymoon destinations depending on the month in which you marry. El folleto venía en inglés, así que me he tomado la libertad de traducir el esquema principal de destinos. Espero que a ti también te sea útil!!



Wedding website The Knot (English) You can also find a very similar list. Also, if you already have clear what you want your destination and just want to know when is the best time, You can find it all details on the same link.

Do you already know more or less where you want to go? Deja tu comentario más abajo 🙂


We all know that celebrities love to put bars and nightclubs, but some go further and decide to open their own hotels (or buy existing hotels). In TripAdvisor have created a list of 10 best hotels whose owners are actors, singers, famous film directors and general. There are ranches, spas, luxury hotels, city ​​hotels… Want to know who they are and where are these hotels? Read the rest of this entry »

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