KingstonEveryone knows that today it is compulsory to learn English when looking for a job, but if you are someone who is thinking about moving to United Kingdom, be able to communicate in English are especially important. Mournfully, with how hard it is to find work in Spain, every day I see more and more Spaniards arriving in the UK, and as I said in my Miniguía to move to UK, many believe that they will learn English cum “absorption”. Yes it is true that being here you learn if yes, but the more you know before taking the plunge, easier it is to adapt to the country, find accommodation and especially, good work. Do not forget you'll have to spend a lot of interviews and talking to people who will only speak English, so you better prepare some.

Of all the possible methods you can choose when to learn English, the most common are:

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL. Probably the most popular way to learn English is join a Official School of Languages. Tuition is usually pretty cheap, and you make sure to have quality teachers, besides getting an official title. The problem is that it takes 6 years to complete the entire cycle, and only give 5 class hours a week, so if you want a quick method is not very useful.

ACADEMY. Although they are usually more expensive than the Official School of Languages, English academies offer courses for you, can make the hours you need. Many of them even offer native teachers, conversation only classes, preparing for job interviews… If your idea is to UK asap venirte sure you can find some English course intensive so you can learn the most in the shortest time possible.

LANGUAGE EXCHANGE. Another good option is to find some English (American, Australian, etc.) in your city that wants to do a language exchange, that you can help him with his Spanish and he or she to you with your English. Exchanges are free and in addition to learning the language “Street” (particularly the pronunciation), you can take to ask about their culture and customs, you sure will be useful in reaching UK. If you know the where to start looking, You can leave a poster for Erasmus students in college, Spanish academies, just look on the internet, sure someone appears.

WEBS OR APPLICATION. Increasingly, people choose to learn languages ​​through websites or mobile apps. Normally I am free or very cheap and fit into your schedule. In my opinion, this method is very good if you are a steady person and want to learn grammar and vocabulary mainly, but having no feedback from another person, I do not think that works very well when it comes to improving pronunciation.

Self-learning. To accompany any of the above methods, It is always good to give a fun twist to English and start watching your favorite movies and series in original version, read books, try to get the meaning of those English songs you've heard a thousand times but still do not know what to say… It seems silly, but hearing the same expressions, Songs, etc.. you just out entire sentences without thinking.

In my opinion, many more methods you can use, learn more. In my case, for example, before I came I had finished the Official School of Languages (excellent for learning grammar and write professional English), I did an intensive three-week summer, saw series in English to improve my ear and get some vocabulary everyday and all I could speak with English people who came to the hotel where he worked or pilgrims. When learning a language all adds. If there is any other way that you think has forgotten me, you recommend, no olvides dejarme un comentario aquí debajo 😉

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