When we think we have to go on a trip take several chained decisions: a donde ir, when, how much money I want to spend, I would like to see, for how many days, etc.. But the first thing to think about is whether we prefer to make a organized trip by the tour operator designing the trip ourselves.

Obviously, the differences are significant: purchase a tour package is much more comfortable, because usually you get it almost done, but also tends to be more expensive and you have to restrict yourself to the path, hotels, dates, etc.. stipulated by the tour operator. Conversely, organize the trip yourself means total freedom and saving money, but is more laborious and should not have any problems travel agency to help you.

Should this second option prefieras, I recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Deciding the fate. If you have no clear, You can check the internet to find information, see photos, etc.. to help you on your choice. In my particular case, I usually check if any party, concert, the fair I would like to see.
  2. Choose dates. At this point I usually check the weather forecast if I plan to travel soon (there are websites that will show up with the 14 days in advance). In the duration, it is always advisable not to overtighten the time, because you never know where you'll find this magical place that I fell in love and where you want to stay a little longer.
  3. Search flights, autobuses o trenes. For flights I usually consult edreams and some low cost, especially ryanair and vueling, who are often the most economical. Look at the fees they will charge you, flight hours, where the airport is there and what time buses, trains or transfers to take you to the city and its price.
  4. Search for accommodation. If you want a hotel, look first booking to choose (I usually give special importance to comments, note, status and photos), and once you have chosen Check with any online agency ebookers type or muchoviaje. Normally booking is cheaper, but not always. If you give up a hotel budget, in hostels.com and hostelworld.com'll find a hostel or the like which is most suited to your pocket. Y si no, you will always have the couchsurfing.
  5. Become a guide. This is not a point 100% necessary, but highly recommended if you do not want to miss anything. You can see the information online (edestino.com eg), buy a guide at any bookstore (check it out before you buy, as each one is different: a focus on the photos, other monuments in, other at leisure…) or stop by the library and take a.
  6. If your trip will include several cities, you can use the internet to go at buses o trenes you have to take, although the book.
  7. Si viajas futside of the European Union check that your passport is valid and if you need any special requirements: visa, a vaccine, health card, etc.. Join also address and your Spanish Embassy, case.
  8. Once at this point you already have all the essentials, but you can continue to collect information and advice Travel Forums, blogs, etc.. Relax and wait to reach the departure.

If you have any questions or want to give you a hand with your next trip, please write (elviajeinfinito@gmail.com).

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2 Responses to “How to organize a trip for its own account”

  • Nino:

    Wanted to know what trip I would recommend to a group of friends, have 14 years old, therefore we want our old apt APRA, and is cheap.
    What do you recommend me?

    • Hola Nino! The truth is that I know very well that advise because I'm not very aware of the legal topic of reservations to be lower, Or you go along someone who is of age?

      You can look at the entry on “10 plans for this summer” and secure any of the proposed plans you like, y si no, I think yo go to a camp, as there are many sponsored by municipalities baratitos, councils… and now even banks are very fashionable theme camps (¿In the multiaventura like a one of the water sports?). También See if you can go to a shelter camping, or even a festival can be great, but I think you'd still taking the legal problem…

      Hope that helps!!

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