As I said in the post about plans for this summer, xacobeo this year and will no longer be up within 11 years old, so if you are someone who takes a while thinking about doing the Camino, is the perfect place to stop and start to plan when walking. However, are many pilgrims who fail to reach Santiago (most physical problems that could have been avoided), and to fix the Xunta de Galicia has produced a brochure with tips to make the Camino. So you do not have to worry about getting one, I summarize the most important tips:

Before you begin: Reconocimieto medical and training, increasing walking distances on successive days. Buy breathable and loose clothing, and high, waterproof boots that hug the ankle. Also get a kit with sales, gauze and tape, antiseptics and disinfectants (for blisters), mycotic (for fungi) and some anti-inflammatory. I also recommend the famous Fortasec, great friend to all trips from the people we like to drink sources, eat salads, etc..

Material for the road:

  • ID and Social Security Card.
  • Good footwear (boots and shoes)
  • Waterproof.
  • Sweater and / or jacket, t…
  • Pants short and long, of the tracksuit.
  • Cane (if you want a scallop look more authentic)
  • Underwear and socks many.
  • Swimsuit and towel.
  • Tobillera y / o rodillera.
  • Bottle.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Cream solar protectress.
  • Toilet bag, cortaúñas, razor, soap…
  • Kit first aid.
  • Lantern.
  • Guide, support carrying, Maps
  • Hat or cap and sunglasses.

On the Road: Come proteins (eggs, meat, fish and milk) in moments of rest during exercise better than Win Vitamins eating fresh fruits and nuts. Haz la comida stronger after each stage and if you see some source, make sure the water is potable. Upon exhaustion heat, looking for a cool place and drink plenty of fluids (recommend dissolve in a liter of water half teaspoon baking soda and salt). The blisters and chafing due to inadequate or misplaced socks, unñas long or uncut, improperly adjusted or new shoes, seams, interior finishes or cosmetic deformities, so avoid this. Protect your head from the sun to avoid suffering sunstroke, and do not you make excessive efforts, changes of rhythm nor stand in damp places to avoid muscle aches or pains.

Other Recommendations: Use reflective if you walk at night, and the left Roads, not create groups and nits in the driveway, ignoring the recommendations organization and the Guardia Civil, Police and Red Cross, use only the emergency medical services in case of real need, and of course, be clean and polite as we passed by the road.

Although not listed in the brochure is also a good idea to do some training before starting the Camino with backpack, because if you're not used to bring pesos you can have back problems during the tour. I hope all these tips make you a little easier Way, and you can win the Jubilee!

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