This Saturday, despite the cold, I did a mini-break to Leon to see new exhibitions MUSAC, Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León. The you to live near, surely have read about some of them in the newspapers, because every time you change the exposure is published in all the local and regional press.

It was the second time visiting the MUSAC, and the truth is that I liked more the first. Anyway, If you have never been there, vayais I recommend you at least once, as experience is, the less, curious and different (y free, said by the way). Si before gonna del 28 March you could see the following exhibitions:

  • Pre-Bellevue two Yorgos Sapountzis.
  • LOUD FLASH. British Punk on Paper de The Mott Collection.
  • Iberia Augusto Alves da Silva.

Also, the project is underway PROFORMA 2010 Prego BADIOLA EUBA 30 training 40 days 8 hours, which is a new way to generate artistic projects, in which three artists (Txomin Badiola, Jon Mikel Euba y Sergio Prego) together with 15 volunteers are quarantined (de forma literal, are tucked in the middle of the museum in a kind of giant plastic tube) for 30 exercises that show from 10 April. We'll see what comes of it…

As the visit to MUSAC was shorter than expected (tube removes enough space for other exposures), after lunch we came to Astorga. Unfortunately, arrived late and had to make do with watching the beautiful Cathedral and Gaudí Palace from outside, so I will try again soon with more time. It was not all bad, way as the Plaza Mayor found a curious chocolates called Peñín that sells some chocolate colors and flavors 3,50 mamma mia (Pictured in Raspberry).

Last, themselves estais planning un viaje a Astorga, I recommend visiting all basic: Cathedral, Episcopal Palace (also known as Gaudi), Plaza Mayor (Try to be there at the hour, ya will see porqué) and several excavations showing Roman ruins. Spot, There is a restaurant, and a typical dish: The Peseta and cooked maragato.

As I said before, I will try to come back soon and mention to better what to do and see in this lovely town, where you can not go away without buy you a puff, certainly. If you go before me, Have a nice trip!

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