Now that February has arrived (with their exams) many students who will travel to race soon. If you are someone who has not yet booked your trip, or even have decided where to go, I want to suggest some places where you will have great insurance with friends. Please note that prices are in effect today (5 February), and certainly if you expect change.


This African country is a favorite among travel limit switch. Why? Because it is very cheap, not far, allows an approach “light” Arab culture (note that it is a tourist country), and above combines sun, with cultural tourism.

In Tunisia you can choose two options: or take a tour around the country or stay in small hotel 5 star beachside. My recommendation is to choose the circuit, because the country has amazing things to see and do, from Roman amphitheatres to Star Wars sets in the middle of the desert.

Prices range between 250 and 400 euros, usually ARRANGEMENTS the full board half board. For example: Priceline € 267, Logitravel 245 en playa o 377 Circuit, from 232 with Destinies the from 302 with catch.


If what you want is to spend a few days with friends on a beautiful beach while enjoying an open bar, Punta Cana is your destination. In this area of ​​Dominican Republic find everything is supposed to be the tourism caribbean: huge white sand beaches, hotels bigbigbig, and up coconut.

Typically go all inclusive, namely, eat and drink all you want without paying more. Prices vary greatly depending on the hotel, date and the tour operator you have selected, but if you are lucky you can get an offer very affordable. For example, 509€ with Dominican Tours, 640 Viajes Eroski the 599 Travels Marsans.


Cuba offers many options: Havana, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, and their different combinations. So, you can be a week sunbathing and drinking rum on the beach, stroll through the old town of Havana, and even swimming with dolphins near the Keys ( small islands surrounding the main island)

In we organized several trips to the island, well as hotels and flights separately if you prefer, make a trip to your needs. The price depends on the area you prefer (Havana from 760 €, Varadero from 817 and Santiago from 1007), combined and are usually more expensive (Havana and Varadero from € 817 the Havana and a fall from 1170). In other travel agencies you can find similar deals.


This tourist area of ​​Mexico is still one of the latest tourist boom, as it perfectly combines sun and beach tourism with cultural and adventure tourism. And in the Riviera Maya sure you can do many things you will not forget.

Right now there are more than 50 hotels, most 5 stars, with its all inclusive will make you spend unforgettable days between palms. My advice is that you hire a tour also to better know the area, as the Riviera Maya has much to offer: Mayan sites, ruins, natural and even scuba tanks, and visits to nearby islands.

This time of year you can find real bargains, like for € 502, that of Logitravel pore 591, that of atrapalo for 799 or of muchoviaje por 750.


If the beaches do not seduce a lot and prefer to know other countries and their cultures, You can more or less long European tour, or just know a city and its surrounding cross.

The Prague-Vienna-Budapest route is considered by many as the most beautiful in all of Europe, and is conserved in these three cities distinctive European charm. Another excellent choice is Paris-London, although these two capitals are well worth an exclusive trip each, but this tour can be very cheap if you get low cost square. Y si no, will always be the eternal Italian tour, that never disappoints, or mythical interrail.

The choice of destination will depend, as you've seen, whatever you like to do and see, and of course, the budget you have. When selecting your trip please note that you can hire additional excursions (although often pricey normally worth) and whether they fall drinks (as often happens when you hire full board). Finally and again, wherever you go, Have a nice trip!

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9 Responses to “Destination Travel Limit (the course)”

  • Me apunto, sea donde sea me apunto 😛

  • Nana:

    I was in Tunisia and I had a blast. I remember many people told us it was dangerous for girls, that you tried to play the souks… but it was not even close. Everyone is very much geared towards tourism and visitors and treat you great. And it's very cheap!

  • kiko:

    What is the best site to find deals for a group of university to choose where to travel depending on offers???

    • Hi Kiko! It depends on how many Seais, because if you are enough (sounds 15, but I'm not sure) you can ask for group discounts and will make. In this case it is best that you go to agencies on the street and ask quotes to negotiating it. Falcon has recently taken initiative, in which help you to organize parties to earn money for the trip Prom, look at it because it looks good.

      And if you are inches and you want an organized trip soon and I recommend ebookers muchoviaje, which are the best deals take. If you prefer to book in advance especially like me and I Travelplan Royal Holidays.

      Do you have designed some specific destinations? Because llege mí me every day multiple offers, and if you give me your email and I can warn you when I get some specific. Regards!

  • guille:

    k me rekomendariais sites for one exkursion the final year for the xavales 17 years old( 1st of the bat)??k be a normal price
    malta? i Algarve Lisboa? grecia i sus Islands? dadme ideas!

  • Hello guille! I remember in my school made the trip to Paris and London, and they had a pretty good, I personally believe that although there are cheaper and fun places for excursions Prom baccalaureate.

    Malta is a great option, It is a very cheap and more things site that seems at first sight. Y cuando canseis to visit the sites, you can go down to one of the many beaches within a few beers or something assail. A similar site is Tunisia, that's where I travel limit switch and is very prepared to travel for young people and groups.

    And Greece and the Algarve are two beautiful destinations, but perhaps the price of vayan… I do not know that you have seen a very budget plan… but for a similar price you could find something more exotic like Punta Cana or Riviera Maya.

    Ye thought on some island? Surely in Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza what you would spend great too, and do very well priced. Netherlands and Belgium can also be a good trip, and get away from the typical destinations…

  • guille:

    wenass! thanks x your comment,!! truth k if k ls k sson insurance Greek islands ix faces half the price you can go to tunisia or malt,!! the karibe there would be a hoot i always deals, xro an institute kreo not even k we let go!! the verdad k lo and ablado a Poko kn the klase i les eh tratado of decir k 2 Good choices would be malt or tunez!! i Tunisian k?xke klaro there are people you talk to tunez k to go ! i do not know k can be found! I been watching and internet i x k truth there are good hotels i areas of good beaches Hammamet not stop ik how far from the capital offers plenty of cultural things k!yo creo k staria bien ir, TUNEZ in addition to price in this bstante bien( ie with about 500-700 €, You can spend the week)i lomejor eske in my school excursion to in paskua xro tunez in paskua ara heat left over to enjoy the beaches!¿

    cntesta!! come bye!!

    • I was in Tunisia in February and was on the coast and in Spain in summer, but if you take a bus tour the country, south and the interior gets a little cold. We will, yes Will you playa, tener in the vais. Hammamet is the tourist site, and very little (less than the 500 euros you say) podeis quedaros with half board in a hotel 5 stars, but does not have great things to see beyond the souk.

      My recommendation if you decantais by Tunisia's what I said above, take a few days on the beach and others to make an itinerary and discover the country, make sure that the love. A mí me particularly like Carthage, the huge souk in Tunis, Tozeur and the desert, that is something that impresses.

      If you want to send me an email ( and I explain a little better…

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