The 10 October 2006 was born "the Valley of the 6 senses ", a place where fun, learning and nature come together for children and adults discover the sense of imagination.

Located in Renedo of Esgueva, a 10 kilometers from Valladolid, This leisure and family tourism 18.000 m came up with the idea of ​​being the most ambitious and comprehensive playground in Europe.

Most of 7.000 bushes and 200 trees have been planted, and the large number of native plant species adapted to the climate make the park a large green space in which children can enjoy games and nature.

Divided into several zones, you have no place to 60 other games, the Valley of the 6 senses has become one of the favorite destinations in the region. In their first year they had already visited more than 100.000 people. Each of these areas where the park is divided (The Garden of Stones, Valley of the Brave, The Farm, The Forest Rascanubes, The heart of the Sewer ...) used to simulate the five senses plus the imagination. Games like the zip line, ride a raft or create sound and visual effects are some of the many possibilities offered by the Valley 6 senses, and that makes even older back to his childhood.

In the midst of nature, the park is noted for its inclusiveness, hence both hits as the games themselves are perfectly adapted to children with disabilities. These games highlights the Swing Bridge Associate or ropes, which is adapted to be passable in a wheelchair.

This desire to get children with disabilities, whether it was physical or psychological, could enjoy the games was one of the main objectives was the Valley of the 6 senses, when it was created, and seeing the results it can be said that has been achieved.

But beyond the playful nature of the enclosure, There is also an educational purpose. This has been allocated one of the areas, called "The Theatre of Echoes" as classroom teaching, So if in a very different context than any school. Within this educational purpose must also highlight the Garden of Stones, where you can see the larger stones in the region. Other water activities and scientific experiments that allow children to learn to use different elements.

While children enjoy not only for adults because, a part of Dam picnic, where they can eat surrounded by greenery, They can also participate in many games as well as in various activities like riding a bike or kart.

With less than two years of existence, This playground has already gained national recognition, and last 11 March at the fair in Zaragoza, the president of the council of Valladolid, Ramiro Ruiz Medrano picked up the "Golden Swing" trophy, Contest and Playground Areas that organized Expoalcaldía. This award was in the words of the organizers, a recognition of the good work of the municipalities that invest in Amenities.

Ultimately, a perfect place for family getaways, since children can play and learn in an enviable environment and have greater spaces and activities to entertain and arouse that sixth sense is imagination.

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