Thanks to sheldon I discovered a website that is growing by leaps and bounds (and promises) on bars, Restaurants, and all the entertainment that you want to visit: This is a website created by the users, where you can review places that you have visited, and if they are, even add. You can also find events, movie listings for cities, shops and even adventure sports.

Surely you ever coveted dinner in an Italian restaurant, or different Mexican food but have never known where to find one; you've also had to travel to other Spanish cities and nowhere not knowing you had to pay over the odds or have not eaten well. To avoid these problems that we have all ever happened, gives you the opinion of people who've been to restaurants and bars and you give your opinion on each site: assessment, environment or quality / price ratio are some of the aspects that can provide you with the choice of a site or other on the next trip you make.

Also, enter the page as it's free, I recommend that before you make a trip to take a look and you join the best or most typical sites of the location you, Be sure you help!

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  • Romario:

    I've been looking at this page and this pretty well. The only a question, sorry it sounds like you've read to Segovia and guataría me know if you were in the White Bear because Sheldon speaks highly of that site

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