Less than a month to reach the expected bridge December, and agencies buenviajeelviajeinfinitotravel and have prepared special offers for these days. If you have not yet dedicido plan, we suggest some particularly interesting options that have seemed (be aware that these offers are usually for a limited number of places, so the price is not guaranteed):

– If pinchais in the name of the web redirect you directly to offers-

* Logitravel.com departing from Madrid offers 3 nights in Majorca in the star hotel from € 122, Lisbon from € 187 in the Tenerife from € 218.

* Atrapalo.com as per usual, offers completely different plans, as a romantic bridge to the sea shore in the Sea Ametlla (3 nights from 148 €), visit Madeira (3 nights from 424 €), Go skiing at Baqueira (4 nights from 275 €) browse the el Guadalquivir (4 nights from 353 €)

* Muchoviaje.com proposes skiing in Andorra from 161 €, relax in a spa Albacete 4 days for 180 € or lengthen the bridge and go 8 Egypt cruise days for 499 €.

* Destinia has created several packs with output transfer by train + hotel 3 days / 2 nights in different Spanish cities (departing from Madrid: Santander 107 €, Alicante 114€, Valencia € 117, etc.), as well as other promotions 3 Nights in Asilah (Morocco) from € 183, 3 nights in Malta from € 447 to 7 Gambia nights from 650 €.

* Lastminute.com departing from Barajas Airport and 4 nights we propose to go see Rome (331€), Paris (364€), London (364€) o Bruselas (418€).

* Rumbo.es also wants to take us skiing 4 days of the Aragonese Pyrenees (from € 90), to French (from € 108), or at the same Alps (from € 92), but only include hotel and ski pass, on the plane. Other options are, for example, Amsterdam from € 295, Venice from 360 € or cruise “Ganga from Magical Egypt” por 373 € 7 nights.

You can find more deals on travel agencies or, as there are still a few days, have seen a very sufficient time to organize your own trip to the letter. Vayais where vayais good trip!

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