He had been a while thinking about remodeling a little blog, make it a little more personal, more to my taste, and finally I decided. Yes, already, I know this is the second time that substantive change within 6 months, but I think this is going to be here a while… So, What do you think of the new background? ¿Like the?

Also take this opportunity to encourage them to me comenteis suggestions, ideas… anything you'd find in The Immense Journey. Right now I have in mind more added, I'll gradually adding in my non-holiday periods.

Passing… I think I have not said yet, so Happy Summer to all!!

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7 Responses to “Premier fund!”

  • Victor:

    When you want to switch to its own hosting, me avisas y hacemos un template completamente personalizado 🙂

    Muy bonito el nuevo 🙂

    • Then I take the word, clearly!! He had thought “modernizarme” after summer, I come now many travel expenses… And thank you very much in advance!!!

  • Nana:

    Green Hope, I like, I like. It is more casual than the previous, but ok. And happy summer to you too!

  • mariposita frontier:

    is a shame not to make a fusion between the bottom and second q tapeworms before this blog now cn these menus, but hey cn such dq you continue writing such interesting post as usual, endures green….. and even if you put purple!!! lol

  • carolina:

    I love the background, looks nice.
    Also wanted to take par congratulate you on
    El blog, I think it is great and gives some great ideas.
    Keep it up!!! 🙂

  • Sonia T.:

    I give the nod to the background color xD
    I love how you're running the blog, and already eager to see new additions! 🙂

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