After a two week holiday in Spain, and I'm back in the UK. Y tengo depresión post-vacacional 🙁 . I admit I am a lover of England and surely I would not live in Spain now (and as things), but spend a week holiday, Spain is heaven. Sun and heat, Good and cheap food, even cheaper drinks, friendly and nice people… What more is needed?

As I mentioned in children post, this year I started my summer vacation in Cordoba, where I could see for the first time how fair is a typical Andalusian. The trip did not start too well. He had planned to go to the fair since March, and had bought my plane tickets for Saturday and get to see the cover lighting and fireworks, but few days ago the organization decided to change the opening night of Saturday to Friday, so I missed. I never get to understand why after publishing date of an event municipalities decide to change a couple of weeks before, as also happened last year with the Feria de Ponferrada Templaria.


Whatsoever, Saturday, and illuminated with cover, fuimos us to Fair. In addition to including the typical pots as roller coasters, wells, food stalls, tómbolas, etc.. Cordoba Fair is characterized by 100 public houses, namely, where anyone can go to eat, drink and dance. Everything is perfectly organized, booths form a kind of “mini-ciudad” streets lined with perfectly even have names for which there is no loss.


Each house is different: the more traditional flamenco clubs and activities, from whence we joven ponen rock music the dance, with tables for dining, or only for one of the two, others seem an orchestra, more in nightclub plan… The only but is that they all had an endless toilet queues. By day there strolling carriages, and at night there are also free concerts.


Personally, I spent it as a dwarf. I wore a tight (Thanks for letting me Erena), learned to dance Sevillanas a little, I take several rebujitos, I ate roast potatoes and fritters, I did a lot silly and I laughed until I had a stomach ache. Clearly, hay que volver 🙂


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