Two weekends ago I was in Oviedo, one of those cities you always want to come back, because you always have something to see or do. This was now the third time visiting the city, although it was the first that made it in Mardi Gras, and is held in Oviedo Carnival a week later than in the rest of Spain (and I assure you it worth). Also, this visit was special because I was invited to stay in a cottage called Villa Las Mimosas, the thought that I have to dedicate my next post.

I must confess that my trip this time was not very culturally, but rather “idle” (we, I went holiday), so instead of making a chronological article as I do, I'll tell sites I've visited on this trip and previous (and I can recommend) so that everyone can enjoy one Oviedo Tailor.

Primer in place can rise al Naranco, where two still remain perfectly Romanesque monuments and where you see a beautiful panorama of Oviedo. You can load the drive coger el bus L10 (Uria Street, for example), but the last part must be done walking on a dirt road, Vaya so in heels. If quedais wanting more preRomanesque, near the center of town there is another church, that of San Julian de los Prados or Santullano, popularly known as.

Lost by Old Town It is always a good choice. Most are pedestrian streets linking and several places where several statues, As in the rest of the city (you will find from one of Woody Allen to the Regent herself or an ass). Another must visit is undoubtedly the Cathedral Single tower Gothic. Pruning continue the visit by the San Francisco Park o el Teatro Campoamor, or the famous Uria Street.

Beyond the monumental art, I do especially like the Palacio de Buenavista, designed by the always Santiago Calatrava great. This palace now has four uses: a mall, un hotel, the congress hall Princess Letizia and administrative services area of ​​the Principality.

Finally, podeis Iros in Oviedo without going through the street Gascona (Cider Boulevard), take some wine in a bar Manuel Pedregal Street or surroundings (especially recommend Il Padrino, where I tried the Moscato, a terrific white wine), partying at the calle Mon by the Tribeca, nightclub where Pe were, Almodovar and other famous.

Once more, you can see pictures of this beautiful ciudad in Asturian our Facebook page, and if you are organizing your trip and you want to ask us anything, We are at your disposal.

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  • Atram14:

    The mi I love Oviedo, I do not know if because I have gone many times, or if I have gone many times because I love.
    Certainly, the famous mountain of Romanesque art is the Naranco, not Laranco.

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