Does not it ever happened that you hear of super important news that the media have not spoken? And be not ye been surprised that very few people know of this news when it will be something that affects us all? So when I was a couple of years ago, a college professor told me about the Gran Scala project.

What is Gran Scala? It is a macro that will build on the Zaragoza region of Los Monegros (Some will know by the electronic music festival Los Monegros Desert Festival) a large leisure complex. The theme of Gran Scala will be the history and evolution, so this city will have recreational 16 sectors:

  • The man before the discovery of writing
  • The Egypt of the Pharaohs
  • Middle East
  • Ancient Greece
  • Rome
  • West from the 750 to the 1000
  • Mediterranean to the Middle East 800
  • The Middle Ages in the West
  • The fifteenth century in the East Mediterranean
  • Pre-Columbian civilizations
  • The Renaissance
  • The Birth of the Modern United
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The nineteenth and early twentieth
  • The contemporary world
  • The future

Each sector will have two complex including a hotel, a museum and a casino atmosphere of the period to which they relate. But that's not all, there will also be two theme parks (Spyland dedicated to spies and Aquantica, a water park), an opera, un hipódromo, concert halls, golf courses, more museums, more hotels, Restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers and even a large residential area. Summarizing, Las Vegas Spanish. So that remains more clear, I leave you with the official presentation video on Spanish:

The group has decided to put all this in motion is called Laisure International Development (IDL), a joint venture created exclusively for this project consists of media companies, architecture, design and mainly, dedicated to gambling and casinos.

The previous investment is 17000 million and is expected to open its doors first zone in 2012 and the rest of Gran Scala do so in 2020. The forecast says it will go 25 million visitors each year.

Despite what this project would be for Spanish tourism, several groups as the platform against Los Monegros Not sell or Stop Gran Scala, due to the high environmental and social impact involved in this desert area, the lack of knowledge about this project yet (began in 1997), etc..

And you, What opinais? Are you for or against host Las Vegas in our country?

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