Since early this April Brugal, Dominican rum, gives from his web page guide books of the Dominican Republic (yes, yes, free). I have been fortunate to be among the first to receive my guide courtesy of Brugal and the truth is that I love, not because it is a tourist guide to the use, it is an experience in itself.

Nothing else out of the package I was surprised by its cover, and is reminiscent of the books sold in the fairs of old book (and that I love), en color beige y con relieve. But when I opened the surprise was even greater: all color pages, full of photos and drawings, without even margins to soak in the Dominican Republic while reading much easier. And for a more accurate description, what better than that contained within the guide, Huh?:

This book is a humble attempt to capture a moment in time of a great country. A passionate and emotional portrait of some of the best experiences one can live in Dominican Republic. A wish come true thanks to Ron Brugal, he invited us to capture the essence of this country and bring life in book. A personal selection, made by outsiders and people from the island, not the most complete and the easiest to navigate, simply as a concentrated dose of special and authentic Dominican Republic.

Besides being a useful guide, this book is also a journey in itself. Have fun with the experience from the most comfortable couch in your home or teleport to these Dominican streets full of potholes and add them to the album of your life. Follow the path to follow, only depends on you. The journey begins here.

As I have said, this is not the typical travel guide, It contains typical places of the country, hotels, Restaurants, bars, etc.. described in a very personal way, always from the “us”. Also, contains less popular places on the island and very worth visiting, interviews with artists such as the Dominican singer Xiomara Fortuna, a dictionary of “dominicanadas” or the history of Ron Brugal, which incidentally, was created by a Spanish.

By Ron Brugal the web, You can send free guides in Solo unos seconds. You have to fill out a short questionnaire and confirm by sending an e-mail to receive at the time. So easy. ¡Date prisa, that have just!

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