I must confess, every time I plan a trip I can not help but buy a tourist destination guide (imagine my bookshelf…), and I love to browse your photos, descriptions and recommendations, maps and even its smell. I think the guide will always carry in your bag is part of the charm of traveling, but at night you end up with a little sore shoulder. Does the negative part of the guides? In many cases the price and as, weight. So I was glad when I discovered Guiomatic, as solves both problems: is free and can customize to your needs, with the extension you prefer.

According to the website itself Guiomatic allows create a custom travel guide for the dates you want to travel with highlights, Tourist, Maps, time and download it in pdf for free or order the paper version.

It is also very easy to use, simply enter the destination that interests us, Choose the language in which we want our guide (Spanish, English, French, Italian German) and dates of the trip to show us the events will be in the destination for our trip. You can also select Nearby places and it will include data on some remarkable destinations that you caught near.

In the next step you get to choose between different types of guides (Full, normal, reduced or custom) and they ask what kind of traveler you are (young couples and older, groups, etc.). Last, you enter your e-mail and in few seconds you get in pdf totally free and ready to download and print. Pure simplicity.

If you want to see an example of the final result, this is a guide I've made Rome for young couples and normal Content, for a tour of 25 to the 26 June. Wonderful, Right?

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