I think no one can deny that Toledo is a magical city. It has always been on my list of places to visit earrings, and what better time to discover all its charm during the Corpus Christi, when the city is decked. I wanted my visit to be as special as possible, so carefully looked every hotel possible before deciding. Finally, I opted for a legendary hotel in Toledo, the Best Western Plus Hotel Del Cardenal.

Located in central Toledo, by Alfonso VI Gate, Cardinal Hotel is located in a XVII century building that is part of the wall itself. Just ahead there is a public parking just a few meters are escalator connection to the historic town, so once there, do not need the car at all.


The hotel is absolutely stunning, since transgressest wooden door set in the wall you feel you are transported to the old Toledo, with stone stairs, source, garden… carefully to detail. Once inside, everything remains the same page, giving the impression that you are in a palace instead of a hotel.


The room could not be prettier. As many women, I guess, always particularly liked the four poster beds, so you can imagine my smile when I saw that not only had it our, but also the headboard of the bed was a mural with angels. Just beautiful. Our room also had a view of a courtyard with a fountain, so I could not be more charming. And after sleeping in a room so, best to attack the buffet breakfast, omelette with potato included!


And general, I think I hit full picking this hotethe. Your Location, price, Decoration, even his friendly and approachable reception staff always make worthwhile staying in the Hotel del Cardenal, especially if you want to spend days unos romantic and unforgettable.


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