I have to admit that when I'm bored I love to find weird stuff on the internet, many of them related to Travel & Tourism (that's why I started this blog) and that I can be useful once. So when recently Flame He asked me to seek a hotel with private jacuzzi in room, I did not take a minute to turn on the computer and get to it. (Take this opportunity to remind you that if you need some help with some travel, getaway or similar will be happy to help you)

And I ended up looking looking finding this website: hotelesconjacuzzi.es, that is simple and easy to use, you the time and provides all the information you could need. However, is not a web reserve management, as you link to booking When you want to know price and book.

Works as follows: by a map of Spain you can choose the province in which you want the hotel, and show you hotels with jacuzzi in room. Each hotel accompany a brief description, and will indicate where the jacuzzi (if all rooms, suites only, if there is also a hot tub…), and if you want more details for this hotel, will redirect to booking.

I personally believe that to whom I happen to create it had a brilliant idea, because who has not ever thought about how good it is to be alone in a hot tub with your partner? And is that as the web itself runs:

A romantic evening can be more so when the hotel room we have a wonderful private Jacuzzi.

Until recently, such stays were reserved for the privileged few, in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but are now many hotels (rural, Boutique, City, on the beach…) I offer this service increasingly demanded by the customer.

A large majority of the rooms with jacuzzi suites are in the most modern hotels, in capitals like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada…although there are many lodgings that offer this service with a price quite affordable.

From HotelesconJacuzzi.es, You can find rooms with jacuzzi in Spanish provinces and directly access reseva perform with one of the best plants in the world-resevas Booking.com- and pay when you leave the hotel.

Select a province on the map and… Enjoy it!

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9 Responses to “Hotels with jacuzzi in room”

  • For when you ask a friend cottage with private jacuzzi… There also. I present my houses if one day I can be of help. We specialize in special celebrations. Nothing to do with a hotel, but with maximum comfort. No schedules and in nature. I'll try to make you look your best. You can see videos of each of them in http://www.casaconjacuzzi.com
    Greetings from Castellón.

  • I'm glad you will inspire. A besazo!

  • Very good information, I searched a couple of times but in the end I did not go.

    The next time you look first pass through here and if I go and I'll tell.

  • Hello: because I too like a good option to be able to find a room with own jacuzzi, is something very appetizing and secondly, not very easy to find.

    In addition to this comparison hoteles, searches are much fit your own needs and gives you the best prices after consulting the best hotel sites. Thus the finding of a hotel becomes easier and easier task. Regards

  • Hello!
    We are a “Charming small hotel” located in Barbastro (Huesca). http://www.hotelsanramonsomontano.com. We are discharged from the hotelesconjacuzzi.es page. We have rooms with whirlpool bath / private jacuzzi, two with jacuzzi for couples. Independent of this, offer our customers a romantic Private Spa circuit 60 me long.
    As well you explain in the post, currently there is a definite type of hotels that offer services of this kind. Usually small establishments to which they find it difficult to define all facilities and services in directories like hotelesconjacuzzi, making it difficult to reach the final customer.
    We appreciate the work of travel blogs, because you permit the client to discover the charm of small establishments.

    • Thank you very much to you for your comment. Personally, I think that small-medium hotels always provide that unique style chain hotels can not offer, and for those passionate about travel so we like. Regards!

  • Maria:

    Hello beautiful! can you help me? I'm looking for a hotel in London with Jacuzzi inside the room but I see nothing, you know of any???

    Gracias 🙂

  • Inma:

    The truth is that it is a fantastic experience! We can if we escaped to enjoy a romantic weekend…

    I've found this page looking where hotels with jacuzzi, Rural hotels with jacuzzi and apartments, this great!


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