Last 28 January was held on bicentenary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice, one of the most famous novels of British literature (and also one of my favorites). There have been many blogs that published special post at the time, and although later, I wanted no less and let this opportunity pass, so I'll talk about I visit Jane Austen Centre, the first museum on the writer I could visit.

The Jane Austen Centre is located in the heart of the city of Bath, specifically in the 40 de Gay Street, and has a permanent collection. Jane Austen's own lived on the same street, a couple of buildings above, the number 25, but the museum recreates perfectly that could have been home. Admission is 8 pounds adult, the 4,50 children's.

Upon arrival we find the very same Mr. Bennett, flesh and blood, and a photograph of Colin Firth to give us the best welcome (these English really know). Once purchased tickets, We had to wait a few minutes in a room with curiosities of movies and some samples of original costumes.


Our guide waited to collect a 20 visitors about before we switched to another room where we talked about the biography of Jane Austen, family and influences. If sois fans sus books, sure you will love chat. Then, We went downstairs, where the permanent collection.

The museum, although some small, has everything you expect to find: original letters, wardrobe, furniture and vintage ornaments, books fragments, Movie images… Victorian until cookies! All super beautiful and wonderful. I especially liked an information panel on the fan gestures and their meaning, and to prove a lot of hats!

To conclude the visit, it is advisable to take a afternoon tea (Tea with some super-rich butter scones fillings, jam or cream called scones) on the top floor of the museum, but still We had much to visit Bath, nosotros so we skipped that part.

The museum also has a gift shop where you can find almost everything. Has online version with shipments worldwide, so you can get a glimpse echándole. On the other hand, Each September, the museum organizes Jane Austen Festival, where the main event is a walk around Bath is attended each year hundreds of people dressed in period costume.

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4 Responses to “Jane Austen Centre, the most charming museum Bath”

  • Nana:

    What a pimp! I love to go! Told something interesting in the talk?

    • Many things! We spoke first of his family tree, Most of the characters in his books are based on her family, I found that very curious. And then we were telling her life and teaching on a map all the places where he had lived. It was very well, the truth. Also, the girl spoke very clear, así que le entendimos todo 🙂

  • Aaron:

    Very cool post. Bath is a beautiful city and Boutique. Some years we have to go see what the people on the street wearing vintage.

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