I love Jane Austen. I love his books and especially her characters. So after visiting the Jane Austen Museum in Bath and find that the last place where he lived is just three quarters of an hour from my house, my next destination could not be other than small village of Chawton, en Hampshire, where the Jane Austen’s House Museum.

As I told you in I post Previous, I started the day in Winchester, where I caught the bus 64 J off at the bus station. Arriving at Chawton just follow the main street and the left, right in front of a teahouse called Cassandra's Cup (how else) is that was the last home of Jane Austen. Admission is 7 pounds for adults, 6 for students and 2.50 for children 16 years old.


Once inside, you'll find a whole array of objects, clothes, letters, furniture, etc.. that will transport you to the era in which Jane Austen lived in the house. The route passes through several rooms, dormitories, kitchen, library, el jardin, and even a wood stove outside the house or carriage in which Jane and Cassandra used to move.


The decor of each room is maintained to the maximum, adding further documents related to writer (as pages of original editions of his books, the checks cashed by them, etc.) and panels with data about his biography.


Personally, I could spend hours flipping through every detail and read every sentence of each letter, so that one, as I, you are a “Austen”, you should visit the museum on your next trip to UK. And finally to cheer, check out these books available in their gift shop:


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2 Responses to “Jane Austen’s House, all a place of worship”

  • Cawenlaleche, Why give me more bad envy. I feel for you, but next time I go to UK I'll have to bring all these sites again xDD. You are all adorable. Ains.

    Besines 🙂

    P.D: The comic book I have just published PMU in Spain and it's mine, muajajaja 😉

    • I like that you like and that you want to go have entrao, jeje. And how is the comic? I thought I'd buy it but in the end I kept wanting…

      A besazo!!

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