Does not it sometimes happens that you are a bit bored of doing almost the same thing on every trip? Do you visit the same places exactly the same way as it does the rest of the people? Surely that pass their creators Latourex, French experimental laboratory tourism, and therefore they have invented various unconventional forms of travel and sightseeing. Do you wish examples?

  • Overnight trips: Decide that you want to visit place and arrives at dusk. Visit the city at night and get out at dawn, or spend the day sleeping and continue your evening visit.
  • Numerical Travel: Pick a number and plan the trip based on this number. For example, if you have chosen the number 6, catch a train or a bus to leave the 6, get off at the sixth stop, sixth stay at the hotel to find, etc..
  • Adventure travel: Decide with your partner away for a place to go and that you go to a date, only. You have to arrive separately and try to find you, course without speaking to each other. This sounds like fun, Right?
  • Literary Trips: Take a novel that you like and travels to the place where it is set. Go over the places of those who speak in the novel as the relays.
  • Domestic travel: Become pass a tourist in your own city, asking that people can see or do, and let them case. Sure you know new places you love.
  • Travel chance: Meet with several friends that want to make a trip. Strike out a given individual and it rolls the highest number in the first round wins, and therefore select the destination. In the next round, the winner chooses the date. Last, the winner of the third round will choose where to sleep.
  • Anti-viajes: Travel to an iconic city but not visit any of the most famous landmarks. Instead, Random streets loitering for the less touristy side of town.

In its web have many more examples, although these seem to me the least “Geeks”. Clearly, you choose which one you choose, have many things to say to back.

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