London is the city of fashion 2012. A few weeks ago the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth celebrated and in less than a month will begin the Olympics. It is always a good time to visit the city, but certainly, this year, the British capital will show its best to the world, so do not hesitate, resérvale and at least one weekend holiday.

Despite being the largest city in Europe, the main attractions are relatively close to each other, so with a little help from the metro in two days you should be able to visit the most important places. After living here for over a year, I would advise the following plan to visit London in a weekend:


Travel begins soaking English spirit and go see the Big Ben y Westminster (metro: Inestminster). If you do not eat breakfast in the hotel and you are eager, test an all day breakfast in a pub, as St Stephen’s Tavern, right in front of the tower on the corner, with stunning views and very normal prices. Keep the check crossed the bridge and walk to the London Eye, where by 15 pounds can enjoy unforgettable views of London. Another much cheaper option to see the city from above is to keep walking along the Thames to the Tate, Museum of Modern Art, and go to the cafeteria on the top floor. All Free.

If you go to Saturday Camden Town (metro: Camden Town), archifamoso and bizarre market where there, and prepares the portfolio, because it is impossible not to buy anything. Enter each store that catches your eye, pruébate the vintage dresses gothic corsets in PIENSOS buy, get lost in the labyrinthine corridors of the Stables market , buy some food on a stand and sit to eat on a scooter. A unique experience.

After being surrounded by thousands of people will surely feel like a bit of peace and relaxation, and for that, nothing better than Hyde Park (metro: Marble Arch the Lancaster Gate). Rent a bicycle, stroll or just sit on the grass to watch the squirrels, and when you're ready, vete a Piccadilly (metro: Piccadilly Circus).

I will not deny that visit Piccadilly Circus day has its charm, but the first time I was there and saw the night was illuminated signs, and is one of those things you never forget. Delve into the Soho and in Chinatown, dinner at a Chinese buffet and try one of Häagen Dazs ice cream in the ice cream shop in Leicester Square, and you've done the day.


Start the day by attending the change of guard Buckingham Palace (metro: St James’s Park the Green Park). Hours vary, so you can check timetables here before you go. In summer there are hundreds of tourists, so try to arrive a half hour in advance if you want to be sure to see something. Following the path that goes right in front of the Palace, llamado The Mall, you will come to the imposing Trafalgar Square, and yes, los leones se pueden trepar 🙂

Trafalgar is the Presiding National Gallery, or if you prefer to keep going British Museum (metro: Tottenham Court Road), considered one of the best museums in the world. Most museums in London are free, although I recommend tipping at the polls entry, so you can always go in and take a quick walk. For lunch I recommend a typical Sunday Roast (plate of traditional British Sunday, with meat, vegetables, patatas y yorkshire pudding, a kind of terrific bagel) in any pub, or if you keep in Trafalgar, you can eat underground in The Cafe in the Crypt.

In the afternoon you can go see St Paul’s, Cathedral London (metro: St. Paul’s), and the end of your visit London Tower and crossing the London Bridge (metro: Tower Hill). They are quite far from downtown, so take a subway or bus one of the red will be the best option if you're a bit tired menu @. For cenar decántate for a fish and chips to curry any Indian restaurant (I know it sounds weird, but the English considered the national dish curry almost).


If you're going to be in London over two days or you have time, Also be sure to visit Covent Garden, Notting Hill, Greenwich, Harrods, la City, Oxford Street o Bricklane.

Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have suggestions, dudas o necesitas ayuda a la hora de preparar tu viaje 🙂


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  • You know I'll make a note of what you recommend. Although I think the changing of the guard pass ('re a penny XDD).


    • I guess you've already been to all these sites, so I'm preparing the post number for London 2, on secret corners, jeje.

      To me the change of guard was also disappointed a little, but is supposed to be one of the basic things you need to do here… You can always change for a few pints in a pub, también algo muy tradicional 😀


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