When choosing the next holiday destination we usually consider several factors: site characteristics, how far we have left, and as always, price. Although the Spanish coasts typically offer very affordable prices, we find very significant differences between locations and other.

According to news gathered by World, World Holiday Costs Barometer recently made by the British Post Office agency, places the Costa del Sol (Malaga) least expensive of all our coasts, followed by Costa Blanca (Alicante). With regard to coastal cities, Torremolinos tops the list, with Jávea in second position and Palma Nova in tercera. The study has taken into account the average price of ten typical holiday items like coffee, solar cream, or dinner for two people.


On the other hand, taking into account the average price of hotels, according to the National Statistics Institute the ranking of regions rentals would look like: Region of Murcia, Valencia, Andalusia, Canary Islands, Cataluña e Islas Baleares.

Anyway, my recommendation is to always compare hotels. If we have no city in mind we want to go and we are flexible, looking at each other Travel search engines can find cheap hotels in locations which in principle might seem more expensive. It is also advisable to try different dates (the first half of August is the most expensive, for example) and schemes alijamiento, because sometimes the difference between the two is very small and dinner outside the hotel tends to be more expensive.

Whichever destination you choose, the important thing is to enjoy a few days off and get away from it the rest of the year, so I wish you a wonderful holiday! 🙂

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