I recently read an article about a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ecónonico (OECD) about the 10 best countries to live in the world, and the results have surprised me quite. The study took into account factors such as education, quality of life, political environment , health and economy, and was thus ranking:

1. Australia

2. Sweden

3. Canada

4. Norway

5. Switzerland

6. U.S.

7. Denmark

8. Holland

9. Iceland

10. UK

Personally, I am shocked that the United States is in sixth place, perhaps by the myths and legends that are heard, but I never put on my list ahead of Netherlands and the United Kingdom, for example. Another thing that I found curious is that except for UK, none of these countries we find among the priorities we decided to migrate, imagine for visas, climate, language or distance. Anyway, from what I've seen since living in England is that there are three predominant factors when choosing which country is better to go live: language, unemployment and people you know in that country (or amount of Spanish that is there). And based on that, I think our favorites are:

BigBen1. UK Ireland. Because we all know “chapurrear” some English and we all know someone (or someone who knows someone) living here and we can lend a hand to reach, and have heard wonderful stories of people coming in less than a week we have found work. The Spanish community in England today is huge, and the chances of finding work are very large fast (although I notice that I refer to unskilled, work “of yours” is another story). Also, speak English is a basic requirement today, and in few sites will be as easy to master as here. My advice is do not just learn English “absorption” what you hear on the street in everyday, but you also look like some classes, if only during the first months. England is full of language schools with English courses for foreigners intensive courses, Custom, online, etc.. (to get an idea you can take a look at The English School London Studio Inglés).

PuertadeBrandenburgo2. Germany. I do not know the importance that would those statements of Merkel saying that Germany has work for young Spaniards, but I think since then thousands of people were put to learn German and today have migrated to Germany (and some also to Austria) looking for a job and a salary in the German style. The good part is that surely speak German is a major plus in the future, and the bad part is that it is a much more complicated language than English, and that (as I have been told), still living there, it takes years just to learn how to pronounce it correctly. As to whether or not it is easy to find work, but Austria and Germany are the two countries with the lowest unemployment in Europe, I must confess that I only know two people living there and after several months none have found work yet.

Paris3. France. Many of us learned some French in high school or career, and that always helps. Moreover, France is a country very similar to Spain in certain cultural aspects, has beaches and great weather, you can get a car moving from Spain... E as in the case of United Kingdom, everyone knows someone who has worked one summer at Disneyland, Waiter in Paris, or as a maid in a hotel in the Riviera, and that always motivates us to try their luck when.

If I've convinced you to cum Britain you can have a look at this Guide to moving to United Kingdom I published a few months ago. And on the other hand, if you live the irte you would like to live in a country otro, I look forward to reading your views and comments.





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4 Responses to “European countries where more should live today”

  • Victor:

    A website that I like to look for situations of countries is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.exteriores.gob.es/Portal/es/ServiciosAlCiudadano/SiViajasAlExtranjero/Paginas/RecomendacionesDeViaje.aspx

    On this page, there are recommendations for future travelers, who decide to visit any country in the world. These recommendations range from which sites should not visit that country, from neighborhoods to entire cities (of course in America there are more than one city that advise not to visit, I do not understand what that list), to how their health services are. Even depending on the site, the recommendation to hire a private travel insurance.

    • Thank you very much for the recommendation, Victor. Personally I have not yet visited any country or area with the possibility of dangerous, so I've never had to use this website, but it is always something to consider.

  • Of the 10 listed in the list, Switzerland recommend 100% if they offer you a good job. French, English and German are united there with the advantages of having the border countries close enough to move them and know them well.

    You may, initially, Swiss society you seem a bit tedious. My experience was having fun as much or more than the Spanish, perhaps because there are many nationalities in touch and that Swiss, at the end you relate to the world, including Swiss.

    Regards and very interesting blog.

    • Yo creo que si no me hubiese venido a UK seguramente hubiese acabado en Suiza 🙂 Por ahora sólo he estado de turismo, and I think one place and with a touch of magic, I'm looking forward to returning, the truth.

      I have a friend who has gone to live there and is also enchanted, and earn three times more than I! He told me that the plan of the Swiss was fun to go to the club and buy a bottle of whiskey, and do not get out all night, imagine the cold!

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario 🙂

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