This post comes a little late. The idea was to have published earlier this month, but between work and other things that I have pending while I could not finish it to my liking so far.

First I want to wish you a Happy 2011 all, full of travel and new experiences that make you happy. Second anunciaros forthcoming reforms blog, so if Veise “weird stuff” malfunctioning is added I am testing, and as yet I do not control much by trial and error. And finally I would like to through Chimos, the blogger The Chest Chimos, who sent me a piece of his art this Christmas: a set of necklace and earrings sincerely, loved me and has made me really happy. Thank you very much again, Chimos!!

I have some photos that you may see the wonders they can do and who teaches at su blog.

When one year ends and another begins many of us we take stock of what we did and what we lacked done, and you look about resolutions for the new year. What if we do the same with travel? Do you: no one to make you special pleasure hiciese? You have in mind already? Places to visit this year? I will present mine:

Trips that did not:

  • Paris. Moon, Paris… Paris is my eternal unfinished. He planned my trip to Paris at least five to six times, and whenever I have to end up canceling it for some reason. The day I get to go I think I'll make a party around…
  • New York and Los Angeles. The 2010 was the last year that met the requirements to apply for a scholarship from the famous Mec three weeks to study English abroad. I was particularly optimistic that that the third time's the charm, and New York or Los Angeles were my favorite destinations… but again I was as a substitute and the desire.
  • Sweden and Norway. They were part of the original route through Europe I did this summer, but the cold and the distances between cities made us to change your mind and we did not reach further north of Copenhagen.
  • Malaga. On my last trip to Malaga just gave me the time to visit this part of the province, and I was wanting to know Torremolinos, Fuengirola from Marbella.

I will travel (or so I hope):

  • Portugal. It is already planned and organized for later this month: Lisbon, Sintra, Coimbra, Aveiro, Port, Braga and Guimaraes in car 5 days. So far I've only been to Viana do Castelo and visit Portugal's something I feel like a lot, especially having it so close and still so unknown…
  • Some theme park. Because long ago that no one will, I get dizzy and although almost all things I love the shows, I also feel a bit of action.
  • Levante and Zaragoza. Two areas of Spain I barely know and I think I will like much. To visit them drive in good weather, course.
  • Paris. Yes, again. Let's see if this year is good.

And you? What is in your lists destinations?

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4 Responses to “The trips have not and those who will – Gifts”

  • To my left I see and know both… but that will gradually.


    * About what you ask of muffins, te diré que los papeles de los mismos los tienes que poner en un molde rígido para que no se te deformen los papeles y los muffins salgan bien altos 😀

  • Sheldon:

    I really need one in Liverpool and one at Los Angeles, but I'll settle with him occasionally to Ponferrada

    • Jejeje, that ball…

      Liverpool is a city strongly recommended, As Manchester. If you go I recommend you also stop by Preston, a rather unknown place I particularly liked.

      Thanks for review!

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