The more growing passion for technology more towns and cities and recall past characters wear their streets and typical products of the medieval period. The list of medieval markets in our country is endless, and in squares and castles municipalities take advantage of these dates to relive the days of Camelot and King Arthur.

If you like medieval markets is a website you need to know:, although Parachutists in principle quite chaotic, using the menus on the top is very easy to find markets for your county and those occurring in certain date unaa.

By proximity, we have set especially in Castile and Leon, and one that we recommend is that of Santo Domingo de Silos, With an unbeatable location, although if you are caught closer to any other, we suggest one per province:

  • Miranda de Ebro in Burgos.
  • Benavente in Zamora.
  • Medina de Rio Seco in Valladolid.
  • Aguilar de Campo in Palencia.
  • Ciudad Rodrigo in Salamanca.
  • San Rafael in Segovia.
  • Sahagun and Ponferrada Leon.
  • Almazan Soria.
  • Barco de Ávila in Ávila.

If you can acercaros any of these medieval market, hacedlo, because it is an opportunity to experience what our ancestors lived and what we, only, we have seen in movies.

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  • Nana:

    I love medieval markets, although many do you end up finding the same positions and the same things. The last I was in was to Valladolid, in the area of ​​San Pablo, it was a bit expensive but highly recommended!

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