Someone once told me that anyone who is tired of London is tired of life, and was right. The city is so great that for a long time you're in it, never cease to surprise you with sites that do not always come in the travel guides, but make sure you love.

This post dedicated to va mi friend Laura, that was a couple of summers ago in London and has already visited the Popular Attractions, to continue discovering not as tourist sites, notes. These are my favorites:

Neal’s Yard is a small alley colorful houses very close to Covent Garden. There is a very famous brand of natural cosmetics in the UK called Neal's Yard Remedies, Store-located with this alley.


Twinnings is the mark of quintessential English tea. Sold worldwide and have created more than 100 teas and infusions. The first store opened in 1706 en la calle Strand, and still there. They also sell loose tea bags, teteras, organizing boxes…


Holland Park is perhaps one of the less famous parks in London, but it is one of my favorites. It is much smaller than the other parks, but has a don't-know-what that gives a special charm. In the middle you will find a Japanese mini park, with waterfall and all, and beyond there is a giant chess board and several palatial buildings.


Hamley’s is the largest toy store in London, with 4 floors full of dolls, stuffed animals, games, and what is best, people playing with these toys. It is a paradise for children, and not so young, the truth.


Little Venice is a fairly hidden area canals and boats (hence the name of Little Venice) that can be seen in less than an hour. In my opinion, is a great place for a walk and get away from the noise and traffic of downtown.


Greenwich it's a pretty popular area of ​​London, but I like it so much I had to talk about it but are not able to consider the “corner” 🙂 Mi consejo es llegar en DLR desde Canary Wharf, it's like the Simpsons monorail, a train circulating at the same height as the building, a past. Bájate en Cutty Shark (besides whiskey brand is a boat), visit the schools and go to market, where there is everything, Ethiopian food from stalls (I personally do not recommend) shops up games. And do not forget to cross the park ye go to see the prime meridian and Planetarium. Also, London views from there are amazing.


Forbidden Planet and Orc’s Nest are two mandatory stops on the tour around geek in London. In Forbidden Planet merchandising'll find dozens of series and video games, from shirts and figures to plates and cake pans, plus thousands of comics, books and sleeves downstairs. Orc's Nest specializes in all kinds of games shop: role, magic, games…


Tomorrow I will publish the second part of this post, Now I have to go pack, in less than 24 hours I'm going to Spain for a week for rentals, yeeeeiiii!! 😀

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9 Responses to “My favorite secret London spots (I)”

  • OOoooooooh, qué potito que me lo hayas dedicado 🙂 Graciassss.

    Let, Neal's Yard I know and love but will. Twinings whether it Veres spent about one day. Holland Park requeteapuntado I have since told me because it is close to the hotel. Hamley’s… to say that they can play things you've killed me. Little Venice and Greenwich pointed me for future trips, because unfortunately I do not think it gives us time. In Forbidden Planet was also the last time and I intend to return, jeje, Orc's Nest and saw online but did not know they also had games xDD. Targeted.

    Conclusion: I do not have time to na…

    Un besote 🙂

    • You're welcome, is always a pleasure to write about London, and lend a hand, ya lo sabes 🙂

      Twinning in the stack about nothing important, but the street is the one of the most important (communicates Trafalgar and St Paul's), and there are several very cool buildings. Shame vayais not have much time, Greenwich because without doubt the love, but it takes time just to get there.

      Te recomiendo traer calzado cómodo 🙂

      Certainly, nicest places I put another post, if you have not seen… Un besito!! 😀

  • Someone:

    Soon I will visit London would like to know where is holland Park ?I hope to answer thanks

  • Someone:

    Y hamley’s?

  • someone:

    Thanks I loved that alley I hope to see more pages how are you

  • I love, me encanta, me requetecanta! Gracias por este magnífico post, llegué a Londres hace unos 8 meses y cada fin de semana intento descubrir algo nuevo de esta ciudad y post como este ayudan muchísimo! Este pasado fin de semana por fin encontré Neal yard tran varios intentos fallidos, a mi favor tengo que decir que esta bastante bien escondido pero quizás eso le otorgue otro punto de encanto.
    Nada más que añadir solo que te he descubierto buscando información sobre mi próximo viaje a bath y no puedo dejar de enredar por el blog!
    Gran trabajo! I hope the next post soon! 🙂

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