My favorite secret London spots (II) 6

How could it be otherwise, here is the second part of my list of my Favorite secret corners London:


Bricklane It is the paradise of stalls of cute things. In this area of ​​London, plus you'll find vintage clothing markets new designers and food, plenty of food for all countries of the world to almost ridiculous prices. If you want to try a curry, it is said that here is the best of London. To visit Sunday.

Regent’s Park for me the most romantic park in London. It has an area of ​​more than 400 varieties of roses, lake, outdoor theater and many small gardens. Night closed, although it would not be the first to leap the fence to get out…


M&M’s Smarties are the English, Leicester Square and they have a store dedicated three plants that will leave you with your mouth open. Clearly, worth a visit.


Richmond Park It is a huge park and spent almost wild in west London. King Henry VIII used to hunt here and there are still dozens of deer crossing the park, are very friendly and are used to tourists, so do not go running if you see one :) There is a law that prohibits building any building that covers the view of St Paul's Cathedral from the park, so you can imagine that there are wonderful views.


Prince Charles Cinema is the quintessential indie film. You will not find big releases, but cult movies or thematic cycles at pretty decent prices. All surrounded by some geek halo…

Have you been to any of these sites? Have you missed some hidden place in London? I hope to make a trip soon and build up this list with places you go find me, do not hesitate to share yours by leaving a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “My favorite secret London spots (II)

  • carolina

    Great Article! , when I go to London to see me also pointed to Bricklane and of course the Prince Charles Cinema! above that pintaza and Kill Bill.;)

  • Ines

    You can add your visitors a stop at one of the highest edicicios london for anyone who wants to see it from above and are tired of London eye, The monument por 3 pounds, or for those who prefer to be accompanied by a good wine or Champany Tower 42(vertigo42, also called).

    • Miss Carrusel Post author

      Thank you very much for the suggestion Ines! The truth is that I have not uploaded any skyscrapers, has been as high as the London Eye or the Tate. See if you encourage a weekend and I will tell you that :)