It seems that the airlines have agreed to complicate my life every time I want to go to Spain: Ryanair fly and only one day a week from London to Valladolid, Easyjet three days to Asturias, Vueling is jumping on the limbo with prices Coruña… So last month when I had to go to Ponferrada I had no choice but to fly into Barajas and me five hours bus to my house. What have we abandoned Airlines to Northern Spain, must see!

When do my route plans I found I had only 45 minutes after the estimated time of landing the plane (in the T1) to exit the bus (in the T4), and as never before had to move between terminals, I decided to search the internet for how to do it and how long it takes. The first part is easy, on the second I found no information whatsoever.

To go from one terminal to another is as simple as taking the free transit bus. To find it just follow the signs with the cartoon bus. You can not miss. It operates 24 hours and according Web Barajas Airport sale de 6.30 a 23.30 each 5 minutes, of 23.30 a 1.50:each 20 minutes of 1.50 a 6.30 each 40 minutes.

Voucher, so every five minutes I Sali bus, but my question was how late T1 to T4, and exactly 12 minutes mirados for me rails. A T2 takes just a couple of minutes to T3 5 the 6 minutes.

As if I ever see in my same problem, there are two things that you must take into account: took me a lot since I got off the plane until I got out on the street, as a 15 minutes almost running (and that they had no luggage), and the box office to buy tickets from Alsa in T4 is in the boonies. You have to get inside the T4 and go to the very bottom wall, y en el bus no tea reversal cheap ticket. Total, thank goodness my plane arrived more than half an hour ahead, if no longer saw me going to catch another bus four hours later in South Station.


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