The other day I found by chance this guide, and after take a look, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a blog post, as it proposes different romantic accommodation to which we can go, well as suggest various activities taking place therein.

As indicated in ña cover, The guide includes a selection of the most romantic accommodation, with photos of houses, road maps with their exact location, phone book, etc.. Besides talking about the hotel or home owners (approximately, history, services offered…) proposes Restaurants (also detailed) typical of the area or particularly romantic when we decide to leave the room, as well as excursions or visits either in the town itself or in the surrounding.

I thought it was very well done guide, because it provides all the information you could need to spend special days with your partner. In addition to maps of roads throughout Spain contains indexes at the end of accommodation and places that make it very manageable, so it is very easy to find a destination or a specific hotel. And the pictures always help, said by the way.

The only bad point, in my opinion, is the price: around 18 euros. I know it's not a high price to be a guide, but it seems to me if you only intend to use in a point in time type Valentine. Of course once you see it you'll want to try all the beds that are photographed and you end up giving good use…

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