Yesterday I was, a year, Night of the Templar in Ponferrada, but do not really understand why it is called when a four-day week… And is that if you like things related to the average age, the Templars and other, this weekend a must have seen a very Ponferrada, as (at least in my opinion) organized one of the most complete and authentic fairs in Spain as far as this issue concerns.

What activities can be done? Thank for all tastes and. There is a little bit of everything: one Templar Fair Beer with beers from around the world, Templars skewers and wine, a large market where you can sign Templar from tomarte a mint tea (and take the free cup) to learn to shape with a glass blower who boasts arts lovemaking, children's workshops, fencing, archery, burned…

Yesterday dinner was held Templar, but you can still reach the most legendary all-night: Templar parade on Saturday (to 23:30), including the Knights Templar ride (some on foot and others on horseback) with delivery of the Ark of the Covenant in the Castle, . A unique show.

The Templar Night ends Sunday at midnight, so if the animals you can see it in the full program Ponferrada City Council website. I leave also some photos you did today of some streets decorated with banners, Fair Templar and Templar Beer Market to whet your appetite…

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5 Responses to “Noche Templar in Ponferrada”

  • Uy, the glassblower boasting agility in hands “applicable to other tasks” in easily forget it XDD


  • Omar:

    I also enjoyed the medieval market town of Ponferrada and it seems a great place to try delicious Arabic sweets accompanied by some liquor.
    Recommended visit the Castle of Ponferrada.

    P.d: Congratulations on the Blog, I find it very entertaining and full of interesting information to take advantage of the summer.

    • I did not get to try the spirits, peppermint tea but I loved. The Ponferrada le tengo to dedicate a post Entero, but this summer I'm not hard for me to stop and take time to write as before…
      A kiss and thank you very much!!

  • vioastu:

    The medieval market town of Ponferrada is one of the largest I've been able to visit, more posts that I liked were the teas and chocolate, I bought a chocolate pistachio delicious relleno, the castle is amazing and the night visit to the legend of the castle is very exciting.

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