TripAdvisor long since created its Facebook application where you can mark on a map the places we've been, which would you recommend and you would like to visit. I remember that day I went crazy and spent the afternoon giving the zoom and making mention of all the places we had visited, and since then I've been thinking about doing the same for the blog.

Buuut I'm a lazy and until this week had not started to investigate how, and the truth is that it's much easier than I expected. So starting today, I decided to change the page “Photos of our trips” (I had quite outdated) my “Travel Map“. As you can see, It is very easy to use, just click on each blue signal and displayed the name of the site and the link to the post in which I talk about it.

Hope you enjoy the!!


See The Immense Journey in a larger map

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Our Travel Map

See The Immense Journey in a larger map