Only those who live in the UK know how much you miss the sun during the fall and winter (in spring and summer and also, the truth :P), so we half a year thinking about the holidays arrive to escape to a sunny beach in time to make the best possible. I have only two weeks, so I've decided to split between Sun and Sea, and culture and folklore. The first week will be spent in Córdoba, enjoying their famous Fair of Our Lady of Health in Toledo, during the celebration of Corpus Christi, and the second week we will be putting in Torremolinos brown.

If you are still organizing your vacation and one of these plans you think palatable, read:


The fair is held between 25 May and 1 June Fairgrounds in Cordoba El Arenal. Its 8 days that promise to be full of booths, Seville, rebujitos, Typical dishes and Cordoba “pottery” in which mounted. The best thing about the show is that, Unlike other, Most houses are public, so you can get to any of them without invitation. The later will be my first Andalusian feria, so I can not expect to wear a ruffled dress and learn to dance. Also, Aaron's family lives in Córdoba, so I'll have some excellent guides. You can find more information in blogs May Cordovan and Welcome to Lilliput.


If you ask any Toledo what is the best time to visit the city, will tell you that it certainly is for the Corpus Christi. This procession was declared International Tourist Interest 1980 and this year will be held on Thursday 30 May. For the occasion, the city is adorned with awnings scented incense and thyme, courtyards are decorated, out giant heads and something called Tarascan (I still have not quite clear what), and there are plenty of bands and other activities. I have not found too much information about the Corpus, venir promises so full of surprises.

SUN AND BEACH IN Torremolinos

On my second visit to Torremolinos (Malaga) I will not do anything but enjoy the sun, its wonderful bars , your street San Miguel and that, for me, is one of the best beaches in Spain: The Bajondillo. The plan is more or less similar to last year: sunbathing and strolling along the beach and boardwalk, Eating fried fish and skewers (sardines skewered on a stick and slowly cooked on the grill on the beach), visit the Marketplace (the swap), and in general, relax and recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. If you have not yet decided which beach to go this summer, not discard this city: boasts magnificent beaches, enviable gastronomy, a very good value and the fact that there are a lot of Hotels in Torremolinos ensures that you find one that is suitable to your tastes and your budget.

Sincerely, no puedo esperar a que lleguen mis vacaciones 🙂 Y tú, Where are you going this year?


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7 Responses to “Organizing the next trip: Cordova, Toledo and Torremolinos”

  • Sonia:

    I like your plan of cows!!! I love the sun, beach…rest! This year hardly see daylight lol

    My vacation this year are….I am. Sunday! 🙂

  • Nana:

    Everything sounds great! I was once in love with me and Toledo, but wearing comfortable shoes.
    This summer do not think I go anywhere in particular, may Coruña or Asturias…

    • Thanks for the advice! Meteré mis converse en la maleta 🙂

      Coruña or Asturias are also desirable, also both have things to do and see, not only go to the peole, which is always welcome.

  • Victor:

    Can I get into suitcase? More than anything to get out of this wet and rainy land called Asturias, which is very bonica, pero se echa de menos el sol y el calor del sur 🙂

    • Hahaha, yo te hago un hueco!

      Not sure how you understand, UK es as Asturias, that here the clear sky and the warmth spends two weeks a year. You have to go south!

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